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Consumer Goods
As the manufacturer of personal care and hygiene brands such as Huggies, Kotex and Kleenex, Kimberly-Clark’s products are sold in more than 150 countries, reaching one billion people every day. The company posted sales of more than $16 billion in 2005, a record in its 134-year history. In 2003, Kimberly-Clark was driving towards increased global growth and began looking at the strategy, structure, processes, talent and rewards required to make their goals a reality. With full CEO support, the HR team led a transformative effort that would ultimately impact all of the company’s 57,000 employees. The HR team began to execute on the goal of driving higher company performance by revamping the organization’s performance and talent management process. SuccessFactors Capabilities: Performance Management Goal Management Number of Employees: 57,000 Revenues: US $16 billion

Business Drivers
The goals of the new Performance & Talent Management process were to: Establish clear goals across the company, enabling alignment of individual objectives with overall business goals Develop a new corporate, pay-for-performance culture to create clear and direct links between performance and compensation Close the gap between the talent currently in place and the talent needed to effectively execute on the global business plan Modernize a 20-year-old decentralized and cumbersome performance management process that was slightly to significantly different within every region

Business Results /Goals
Currently, more than 20,000 workers in 65 countries in 16 different languages use the company’s new performance and talent management system. The organization has been successful in aligning and cascading corporate goals throughout the employee population and driving a common view of what is considered exceptional performance. One of the main results of these efforts has been the transformation towards a more pay-for performance culture. Other business results achieved to date include: A stock price that has risen alongside the inception of the new initiative An ability to recognize, motivate and reward top performers Decreased management turnover A completely automated performance management process that consistently evaluates every salaried employee worldwide A new leadership competency model in place to ensure that cultural changes are clear, consistent and aligned with the new business model

Why SuccessFactors?
Kimberly-Clark chose SuccessFactors because it provided the tools to quickly push the company’s global strategy forward. SuccessFactors’ on-demand solution provided a swift time to global implementation and rollout SuccessFactors’ customer service philosophy demonstrated commitment and a partner mentality The robust architecture provided solid integration between performance and compensation and demonstrated an ability to scale alongside Kimberly-Clark’s needs

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maximum impact. It’s one of the key focus areas of our global business plan to drive the company and get us to our goal to be the top global leader in the health and personal hygiene market. We rely on SuccessFactors as the technology backbone and fuel for our performance and talent management process
- Liz Gottung Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

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