Novartis, Genentech, & Allergan

Novartis regains the top spot as Most Admired Pharmac:euti<al Compa.ny while Genentech takes the crown in biotechnology for the sixth straight year and Allergan goes two in a row in the speciahy category.

By Steven Niles sleven.niles@a:moom.com and Joshua Slatko joshua.slatko@cancom.com


Pharma Biotech

'c-2OO=8"-': J'='=&J"-:------ 2008: Genentech

-=,2°:::°0-:7.:..:: N,-"o",-v",aO'-rtis",' '---- 2007: Genentech

-=,20",0",6"-.:: N':'-o"'-v"'oo,-rti""·s'---- 2006: Genentech

-=,20",0",,5::..: ,:-PfI""z""e-,--r 2005: Genentech

""20,,,0;:::4::..: ,:-Pfi",,'z::;:e:....r 2004: Genentech

""20",0,,,3"-.:: Pfi':':""ze:::.;r 2003: Amgen

""20,,,0;:::2::..: ,:-Pfi",,'z::::e.:..r 2002: Amgen

2001: Pfizer 2001 : Amgen

After foiling behind johnson &Johnsonlas-tyeal', Novards has once again claimed me mancle of Mcsr Admired Pharmaceutical Company in a poll of Med Ad NI:W' readers. J &J (jnj.corn) drop, back to third place behind Genentech lnc., which also claimed the mp spot a, Most Admired Biotechnology Company for the sixth consecutive year. In the biotechnology category, Amgen Inc. (amgen.com) took [he rllnneN'p position, followed by Genzyrnc Corp. (genzyme.com). For the second consecutive year, Allergan Inc. was voted Most Admired Spedalry Company. In facr, me enrlre rap four was a repeat of last year in ehe specialty field. with Shire Pic. (shlre.com) taking the No.2. spot followed by Teva Pharmaceurical Industri es Ltd. (eevapharm.com) and Alcon Inc. (alcon.eom).

The three companies vored as Most Admired winners are profiled within this article. Novarris was fearured in the September 2008 Top 50 Companies issue of MedAdNew" where readers can find out more details abouc Novarrls' financial and product performances.

Gcnenteeh also was written up ill MedAd News' September magazine as part of [he Biotechnology round-up, Certain company derails nor found in this special feature are published in that forum.

Allergan financial dara were cited inM,dAdN.,u! September, but the company was not profiled in mar edition. 'Therefore, this article conralns more produce and sal .. s information "bout Allergan chan for Novartis and Genenrech.


Novartis provides healthcare products across a broad ponfoho rhar includes innovative medicines, preventive vaccines and diagnostic tools, genel'Je pharmaceuticals, and consumer-health products, The company's businesses arc divided On a worldwide basis inro four operanng divisions: Pharmaceuticals (brand-name patenred pharmaceuticals}, Vaccines and Diagl1os<ics (human vaccines and blood-tesrlng diagnostics), Sandoz (generic pharmaceuticals), and Consumer Health (overthe-counter medicines, animal-health medicines. and conracr lenses and lens-care producrs),

Novartjs' mareg}' is to strengthen this heahhcare portfolio ~hrough lnvesrments in inuovacion, as well as rlu-ough targeted acquisitions. The company complered a series of targeted acquisition, and strategic investments ill 2008. led by the purchase of Alcon Inc. hom N es tie SA Also ill 2008, Novartis acq uired Specdel Holding AG of Swirzerland, gaining full control over fumre development of rho novel antihypertensive TeltmmalRasHez. In addition, the acquisition or Protez (prorez.corn) provided access to the development

top 10 most admiled pharmaceutical companies

1. N ova rtis
2. Genentech Inc.
3. Johnson & Johnson
4. Amgen Inc.
6. GlaxoSmlthKline Pic.
6. Pfizer Inc.
7. Eli Lilly and Co.
8. Abbott Laboratories
9. AstraZeneca Pic.
10. Roche OCTOBER 2009

pro j oct PTZGO 1 fO r severe bacterial iofecdons. NOV3l1:is abo advanced irs respirarory drug-delivery capabilities rh rough the acquisition ofNektar Therapeutics' (nektar.cern) pulmonary business, which was completed a[ the end of the year.

Net sales rose 9%, or 5% in local currencies, ro $41.46 billion. Net income from continuing operadons grew 25% to $8.16 billion in 2008. The company invested abOltt$7.2 billion in research and developrnenr in 2008. With headquarters in Basel, Swirrerland, Novartis employed about 96,700 [ull-cime equjvalenr associates as of D&. 31. 2008, and It as cperarions in about 140 countries around the world.

For 2009) Novarris executives anucipare another year of record results in net sales and earnings .. ~ rhe elements foe success are in place: products, resources, creative thinking, a determinariou TO succeed through an even grearer focus on Oul' customers, as wdl as a compete", management team that is distinguished by ambition and inregrlry," says Daniel Vasella,.M.D., chairman. and CEO, Novarris (novarns.com), "I expect joe Jimenez [CEO of rhe Novartis Pharmaceuucals Division] and rhe managemenr team of the Pharmaceuticals Division (0 cake advantage of the "rong performance in the years ahead by investing in research and developmenr, growrh produces, and srrareglc markets. This will help to ensure char the Pharmaceuticals Division is prepared for the cholknging period afror 20 12, when we can expect generic competition for OUt rop-selling product Diovan, Our focused diversification strategy will also provide [IS with fiurher growth opportunities beyond pharrnaceu ticals."

Reputation with physiciCins

Novartis is earning its most-admired status not just in terms of fin.ndal success, but in relationship building as well. Physicians in four our of rhe five major European countries rare Novartis highly. According [0 research conducted by Kantarf-Iealrh (kanrarbealth.com} with more [han 1.500 doctors in che United SO"., and Europe, physicians in the United Kingdom, German)', Spain, and Italy give N ovartis top marks for effecriveI), delivering key sales and service activities. The suevey measured the performance of 17 top com]>''" ies "'fOSS ten areas. including rep cond uct, rep knowledge and expertise: quality of sale, visit>; patienc management, education and support: physician education and information services: practice and stalT support services; Web-ha.<al services for physicians; Web-based services

for patients; brand experience: and corporate reputanon.The survey also as sesscd information channel preferences and evaluated the strength 0 r ph ysi danl rep relarlonshlps for each measured company,

In 2008, Novarris and Merck & Co. tied for the tOP spot in the United States. wirh the high"-,, rating.' across all service activities. This year, Merck (rncrck. corn) pulled ahead in the United States in die KantarHealrh survey; with s[[onger ratings for born irs \1Vebbased physician services and its patient-information programs, But while Novarris' relationship score has weakened in some other markers, lc has roared ill Spain, aohieviug rhe highest score earned by any company in arry counery,

Growth initiatives

Ncvartis executives believe that me company has One of the b es t portfolio> [0 address the demand, of rhe dynarnlcally changing healrhcare environment; Novarri . s is implernenring longer-term strategic initiatives to ereate sustainable growth. Key actions include srrengrhening the hcakhcare portfolio, driving innovation through R&D investments, expanding in high-growth markets, and improving operational efficiency.

Eat)' of the company's four divisions is expected to playa Significant tole in [he future success of Novarrls. Tho 'trong performances of cite Vaccines and Diagnosncs and Sandoz Divisions in recent years reflect me posi rive impact of .sign i hca[1t ill vestmen ts, The foc.,used diversi.6cation also helps to balan ce in dusrry risks.

The aim of the Pharmaceuticals Division ,L~ to pro~ vide patients and physician s with new and better medicines thar deliver improved efficacy and fewer side efrects as well as to address unmet medical needs. Novards ranks as one of me (Op 10 companies worldwide bas-ed Oil sales of parenr-prorecred medicines, with leading positions in cardiovascular and cancer rreaunents and an expanding presence in neuroscience. Viewed as having One of the most respected pipelines in the industry, Novarris will continue to invest heavily in R&D.

Executives are also re:vie'l.v1llg ways [Q more efficient ...

Iy support [J"W product launches by u,ing new sdUng models and advanced marketing tools! particularly in [he United S"''''., and Europe. The compatly isalso committed to I,;eing a preferred porener for straregic al'Iian= with biotechnology companies, bod, [or development compounds and new rechnologies.

Novartis has been b ullding capabillries and expertise in biologic therapies. which now represent 25% of [be


"All the element, For success ore in plcce: products resources creotlvel h inking, 0 dele rmioalion to succeed Ihrcugh an even 9 realer locus on our

. .cu~mers, a, well a, a competent monagemen~ team lhol is disli ng" ish ed by 0 mbi lion and i nlegri ty: ,ays Daniel VQ .• ello, M.D., chairmen and CEO, Novartis.

company', preclinical pharmaceuticals research ponfolio. Novartis farmed the Novarrls Biologics Unlt ill 2007, estabhshlnga dedicated Innovadon ream with a strong bi 0"''''' cui ture in the are ... , of d "covel)' and developmenr unique ro biologics.

Wi [h the :acq uisitien in 2005 of two leading generic pharmaceutical, companies - HexaiAG and Eon Labs Inc, - Sandoz became rite world's second-largest generics comp.ny. Competitive advantages.include snengths ~JJ diffiCultrro-m~ generics, particularly cxtended-release formulaeions ofmedidnes and biosimllars. Glven these capabllitles which provide access rc higher-value areas of the generic pharmaceuticals market, Sandoz is expected [0 become an increasing contrlb LL tor co Ntr v arti.:;:' future resul rs 0 f' operations.

The Consumer Health Division comprise, the OTe, An imal H eahh, and ClBA Visio n B usiness Un i L These bll'inesse; have g .. iIle<1 matke< s~tare in rheir re'pe<Iive· segmeno; rnrough a foell, on sua<egic brand" product in.n{]V'~tionJ and cxp<'1nsiOl1 in c:m(:rging markers. 'While divesling llon·hea[,hcaro ac,;vities, ,hese ,Iuoe b""ines= h."" be.ll ,r:rengm ..... d d:uough rargered ""'I u.i,i ,ions. Fo, ",,-..mp Ie, me Norm. AmericOJl dghrs ro vruiollS OTC producrs were acquired in 2006 f"rom Bre,ml-Mye .. S'luibb Co. (bm.<.mm), while cl,., acq liliitiOll of S .. nkyo Uf-et<:<:h's animal- health business ill J .pan in 20(]7 ""panciod <he geog"'phic pres once 0 f Animal H"alth.

Novard, i, .expanding in high-growdl markers around the warJ d, parcicuLul}' 111 a number of tile seven leading collneries of Bra til Olina, lnd ia, Merico., Ruo,ia, Sourn Korea, '!ldTurl<oy idendfied by IMS Heal'" (imsheal.h.com) os imporr'"' w d,e tleald""re indus"y. Even in Ugh, of [he we."lkened econontic oondlrions tD $Om ~ of'lhese countri!:::.s, N ovartlS eXC3cutives bdieve [hac thL."'-,c tongrtc;rm invcstmc:nrS an: crl:lcial to captuIr ing ma,ker share and be~>g",-eIl-po'i'ioll.d for me .venru.al econor.rtic rec;;O!fery.

Novmti, hn, been ",kin g ,ignifican, acci ans w irJcrease irs prc::~ence in a nl!.m~bc::r of :r:he:ii~ prioriI)' mar~ k.lS as well .., adapring oommerciru mooels ro beroer me« me needs of moher emerging markeo;, A new 0·0.\.di visio 11 01 0 peration wa$ cr""",d in 2(]07 to ac:cd.tate gmwth in smaller emerging marker< oml be"er po'idon d1e presence of all No-varti' produc[S. These Mea< include Nonhern and Sub-Saharan Africa, Cell«>1 kia, and ,orne ""ll 0 ITles in South."" Aoia. The Pharmaceu ricals 0 ivisioJ1 is al,o unde rtakillg agg"",[ve illvesrrnems w acoelenue growth in China, Russi·a. Sou m Korea, and Turkey. Sandoz (<an doz."" ml conrin ues t'O expand leadership in Cemral and Eosrem Europe,

During 2.(J08, Nova";,, gcner:ared aboU! 64% of rhe com pallY' ne,. sales from comim,ing operorions in ,he world's ,even largest deveJoped markers, while 10% 0 r

.s OCTOBER 2009

In July 2009, Novorrls 9 nnouncod the d,,tivory of th9 250 million,h Ir~oln;en' of Cc"",,""" 0 hig.1y ellectlve ortemblnlr-baeed combjnction tnempy for the treatment of malaria, wflh our!!!! ~d mota mon

9 5%. To mork Ih ts ceecsicn, Dental Vd",llo, M.D., ebe irmo" ond C EO of NO"Qrti, deleeced "'" ",;lesto ne dose !o Mwcmanyamalo Dislrict H:~prfcrl in Dar es Solocm, fen zentc.

Reinforcin9NovQrtis' IOIls:-te:rm commitment to pctients-in the developing world, Dr_ 'Vn:K:"kl else ormcuncad thct Novcrfis i s fn&. First hecllhccre company 10 i oin U nitE!'d AgCli M~ AIIio:tmiEJ C! ~m fhoj 5tri ..... es Ito rclse-cwcreness of molo;riQ ~nd 'I:H:hiev~Hn~ !j.nor.~d·got11 QF ending mobsitl ~ ~ Afr1co by 201~,

Preyenlcble and CluToble/ m·olaria.TemciJl5 a devm,totin.s: di~e(!s.e iflfecting m~1BI m 250 rr;ffiCHl people each y&Cif and CQu:.!iiflg on .e~timote-d 880,000 d@clh:!i_ It!. loll is. ne-:rl,l'ie~t Of11Qng young drib:"'!;n III ~b- 8C1haron AFri,coJ wbere iliS' estim.a:ted rho! a cntld d~es of moloria every 30 $c~OtId$~

"Willl 250 mllliQfi Ireotmenl> provided ond Q~ e.~maled 630,000 live, ,o~ed. :he ~ Mate,;o Inili,,'ive i, lila ind"I'y',·lorS"st oca,s-to-rn.dicine. program in Ih. developing ",,«leI- Dr. ~ says.

.... HDWf':Vf: r, mab rill d~mand:s 0 I'C:OIk,ooiCItive appl"Cldt:"h. Je.inine Un i led Agoinst IVIQlorio P-: ~ rorr:pcrign is (l promiSjllg way to relieve uf!nec.e~Qry :iiufferin'S due Iu malorio,'"

Novar1is i So the> first noo Ilhc:o re compc ny ·10 jelifl U f'i i ~di Ago i(l.~i lVLolmi 0, whl!»e 10Itmd' -"8 ~

i"dude Comic Relief, John' Hopki",.lJniversily, Mo.lario No Mom, tho ONE Cdmpoign, PAT'-! 0opvlo,ion Services Inremarionol. Roll Bock Malor·io o~d the Uoi,ed NQlion, Foundotion, cnd!he Bil II< ~ Gut"" Foondolion, Aiming to'ra~se'awafene55 and renew W'OFldwjde commHmenl fo ending MOk:fi..c. l.t .... ~ AgClinst Molorio wi II "99. "",.",1 h i9 h-jorofil~ -publ;, ,."."n" i" IOIe 2.009 and 201 ° lead i"9 up '" n= yew. WOOd Cup io 50uth Africa.

/! No·yo rti.s is a maror pl(lyer in Ihe global .fforl to end molo rio deo,h, in Af-rico by

201 5/' ~ys Scott Cme, CEO of Mobria No Mars· and '0. Un itecr Aga inst Nta!aria parmer. N\Ne Wn.s roruklF-$! NO"'Clrti.s .oil If, i.s rernarktJble ad le~ m-CAt iJ 110 welcome Nov<::! rti.s f.o 1~9 Uniled AEioio,1 Mclorio learn. This Inducible pa.rtnership sl10ws I~ow teamwork is vJtol in Ihe. ro~e 10 ~o.ve lives. N

'CQc;u'1em is a Ihree-Jay molorio IrGotmefl1 wHh ctlTe ra~e~ 0' ·more thafl 95%/ even in areas of- rrl'vln-drug r€~iMGI'I-ce. The pmdlJd is. approVed For U.!iie iii more tholl .sO COlJnir~e.!ii vvo~dwide.

In Jot''lUory 2.009, N::}'I,iior!1!; end N\edit i rl i:!!.

for Malaria Venture introduced Coortem D;'p'mible, a new child·friOlldly forrn.lofton. SW"'"'-/o.;ting .ond eo;;ly di ,pe';oo in WIl,W, .eomlem Dispersi ble. ease.s· cdmin i.sirctloIl and .nobl<., occ.urole do.>in9 for children, the mo.1 vulnsrable 9 roup of ma1ari a' palil9f1ts_

ner sales cam. from these seven leadi <lg emergi ng markets. !u me sam te rime, combined net sal es in these ..",..,~ priority emergi ng markets grew lSQ-o j [l local curren eles in 2008 compared with 1 % in local currencies ill the sevenlargest developed. markets. Emerging markers in general accounted for about 24% of Nova Hi,' nee sales in 2008 co mpared with 22% in 2007.

Novarris is conscandy exploring "'0)" ro improve productiviry. In particular, executives ore ,okillg actions to improve compe ti uveness through Forward, acompany-widc initiative thar has streamlined organizanonal structures and changed the way the comp"ny operares. This i nl d arive Is ex peered eo genera", significanr cost saving> and he! p Ii repare Nova rtis /(" future grnwtb.

As po" of rh is iniriative starred in December 2007, Novartls has been streamllnlng and slmpllfylng organlzarional structures ill the corporate headquarters as wd I as in "'0 Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health Divlslons, These inidari ves have rem oved maoagernen I:' layC<fS, dim i oared structural du plicatio ns, all d reduced D> sou <res used fo r general 000 cdmlnisrrattve functions.

Executives are also evaluating and op rirruzing .upply networks wo rldwid e. Initiatives are progressi ng rapldl Jl ro standardize an d stream] iae shared fimcncns such as procureme.or, info rrna don cechnology, and finandal-cransacdon processing ro genemre benefits in cost rrumagemem and economies of scale, Some administra tive activities arc also bei ng oursourccd or transferred to lower-cosr countries,

Through these ini datives, me aim is 10 reduce the com parry's cost bas. by abou t $1.6 biWo!1 by 2010 compared with 2007IeveJ,. Annual cos, savings af about $1.1 billion were a chieved in 2008, exceeding rhe planned rorger of $ 670 million, mainly on me strength of accelerated prccuremenr savings.

In order LO implement these efficiency measures, Novartls recorded a resrrucru ring charge of $444 million in 2007 thot included pion' fer ·rb, reduction of

Coariem reaches a quarter billion

about 2,500 full-tim. equivalent posirions, orabouc 2. S% "f the company', worldwide work &"w at rhe <0.1 of 2007. A majority of these ,eduction, were achieved through natural om; dot! and vacancy manogemen t

Separate in i dadves 3 re under way TO fj I1d more efficion< m a rkenng app roach es ro 'UppOH mow producr launches. Novartls executives believe II"" 0 mung marketing message and rapid penetration of multiple geegraphic rerrlrorl es OJ'" viral for a product: TO or",; n peak sales as quickly as possible before the loss of pareJlt ptOrecti 011 Of the en cry of com pcti live products. Exccurives conrinually evaluate marketing models in the divisions and adjust the cornposidon of sale, forces, as appn:.l priate.

A new prog"'tn called ehe Customer Centric InJdative was launched in October 200B co implement a new regi onal U..s. b usiness model in <he Pharmsceudcals Division designed to better address customer needs and increasing differences among the needs of local markers. Fi ve new rcgi oual uni ts have been created wi ,11 cross-funcetonal responsi billry for rhe full primary-care product ponfolio, replacing nationally managed sales forces, This new model ls designed to be more of[ecnve ar drlving sal es growth by berrer meerlng the diverse and specific needs of customers as well as deploying resources more efficiently. As parr of this lnltla dye, about 550 full-time equivalent posldonswere elimlnared in the U.s. sales organiaarion, with more than half achieved b}r nor filli n:g vacan r posi nons .. The .FlL\V organizarion sra r red Jan. I, 2009. A one-rime charge o£$ 19 million was raken in rho founh quarter "l2 008, wi.th annual COst sav;ngs or SEO million anticipated "OJ·'iug in 2010.

Corporale citizenshipo.ndi awards

Corporate citizenship a. Novams rests on four pillars: commitments to patiertrs, IQ ~p'e g.nd communi-

NovarIi, prtMdas -.:oMn aboul rna lori 0 to local CDrllIn"""'---" m, port of i Is 00("1) m frmeni 10 lhe World Health Clrganizati on 10 del ive, ·Coo rtem, on coNmalorio """lm"nl, at no cast to developing coonries moge © Novarti. AG

ties, to the environment, and to ethical busi,,0S5 conduce,

N ovartis has develo ped several program, al moo at enhancing offotd.blllty and access <0 ereaemen r, , One program Is rhe Navar-tis Institute for Tropical Diseases, where Novarrls researches novel treatments and prevention methods for neglected tropical d lseases such as Dengue fev", and will. make these available, without profit, to poo r endemiccoun rrtes, ,

In Jury 2009, Novartis extended its tuberculosis drug donati 0 n CO Tanzania, Novartis has already delivered nearly 250,000 ruberculosis treatments to Tanzania between 2005 and 2008. Wi<h die new Memorandum of Understanding, Novarris committed to extend doe donation, dellvering another 250,000 rrearmen", dwing <he next three co four years, This

donation is worm about $6 million and aims ;- _

to treat an estimated 60,000 patien rs per year.

Other access-to-medidne progrnns include providing free leprosy medlcadons until die disease i, eradica t«l worldwide, providing global access to irs breakthrough cancer therapy Glivec free to paden rs in need, as weU as distributing the antl-malartal drug Coarrem below 00" to poor patients (see sidebar on pogo Sj,

Tiearmenrs w{lrth $1.26 billion Were conrribured rhrough access-to-medicine programs in 2008, reaehing 74 million parienrs in need. In April 2008" Novarrls announced a 20% average reduction in the price of Coarrem, made possible dtrough efficien")' gain. in production a. state-o r- the-are faclli des 1 n Ch ina and the Unired Srares. In December 2008, Swiss health authorities approved a new pediatric formulation of Coartem designed to enhance tas ee and convenience for young children who are esp.· dally vulnerable to malaria, The dispersible fo,mularlon is a join. development by Novartis and Medicines for Malaria Venture, a nonprofit feundatlcn dedlcared '0 the developmeac of affor<Iab I. new antirnalarlals.

During M~y 2009, B'nal B'rith lntemational chose Or, Vo.;dla to receive lcs Ol'tingujshed Achievement Award. Dr, Vasdla and Novaelil were honored for a mong and continued commitmenr co access-to-medicine program, for padems around me world, B'nai B'rith (bnaibrnh.org) is one of <he world's oldest and larges hum." rights, community action, and humanitarian organi~dons.

In Bm.il, the local Novartis org;mi2ation has added more rhan 80 disabled people to its payroll, in lin. with narional legislatlon ro step up recruitment of people wim disabilitles: more than 20% of the new disabled employees at N wards ore sales rep resenranves, calling on healthcare professionals,

Novartis issues Energy Excellence guidelines for buildings and equl pmenrworldwlde, aiming ro ensure efficient, cos, -etfeerlve, and climare-conscious use of energy.

Th. Novarus Ph ar rneceuricals Dl'Oj,lo" has updared • nd broadened its Business Practices Policy ro set addidonal glo hal standards fur promo donal and non-promotlonal actlvkles, such as interactions with healrhcare professionals and patients and rhe don .tio n {If grantS.

In 2008, Novartis achieved top-level posidons in in:II uential rankings and was named h .. althcare ,uper sector leader in tile 2008 updare of the Dow Jones Sus oainabiU<y World In" dex. The company moved up live positions, to No. 20, in the &mm, magazineli,t of the world's rnosc respected corn panles, N ovartls ranked. No, 2 amc ng; pharmaceudcal companies in Fort",,, mag»ino', list of "World's Most Admired Companies- and was again included in <he 2008 "World's Most Edueal Companies" llst from Ethisphere Institute.

Novartis also received the Ch I na Chari ty Award, the co untry's highest hone r, ranking No. I in rhe ca«gpry "Mo" Caring ForelgnInvesred Enterprise." The award, established by the Chinese Minimy of Civil Affitits, recogniz-


es social responsibility prOS""'" at Novarus, espedall y immediate and sustained suppOrt of relief efforts in the wake of the earthquake that struck We.""n China in May 2008,

In D.=~ 2008, Novartis Pharmaceudcals Canada was named one of the 50 Best Employers in Canada, as determined by Hewlrt Associates (hewlnassoclates.com). The comp'ny ranked No. 37 and moved up to rhe No.5 position arn.ong Quebec companies. Novartis has 800 employees across Canada, including 350 a, Its head office in Dorval. Hewitt kSiJdates cited Novartis Phaemaceuncals Canada fer creating an environment that builds commirrnent from irs employees through respectful management and a b road range of employeo services and benefits, Earlle!' in. the year, the co mpony was selected by BIm';;" C4mIda mag-

az in .• and Hewitt Associ, res for being among the tOp 30 organizations in Canada in providing <he best pension and benefit plans.

ly 1970s, Dr, Boyer and thegeneudst Stanley Cohen pic neered a new scientific field called recombinanr DNA rechnologj; Upon learning about this development, Mr. Swanson placed" call to Dr. Boyer and requested a meering, Dr. Boyer ~"d to giv -e the young entrepreneur 10 minutes of his rime. Me Swansons enrhusiasm for rhe technology and his faith in irs commercial po tential were con ragious, and the meeting extended from 10 minutes to three hours; by its conclusion, Genenrech was born. Though Mr, Swanson.and Dr. Boyer faced skepticism from both the academic and business communities, <hey forged ah cad with rheir idea.

The company's goal W"dS co develop a new generarlon of rherapeurks created from gen.et~ kaUyengloeeled copies of naturally occuedng molecules i mportan tin human heolth and dir;:,


Genenrech is a blotechnology company thar discovers, develops, manufactures, and commercializes medicines to treat padenrs with serious or llfe-rhreerenlng medical conditions. Mter <he completion of its acquisidon in March 2009, Genented'> is now a part of the Roche Group (roche.com).

Genenrech. was fo unded in 1976, by the lore venture capitalist Robert A Swanson and the biochemist Dr. Herbert W. Boyer. In the ear-

ease. 'Within a few shore years, Genenrech sciendscs proved it was possible to make medicines by splicing genes imo n.st -growlng bacreria that produced therapeutic proteins. Today Geoc:n",ch continues rc u se g<>netic engineering techniques and advanced technclcgios to d ev -ciop rnedicm es ilia, address significant unmet needs and provide clinical benefits to millions of p.tients worldwide.

Research and development

For more than 30 years, Genentech has bee" dedicated co rigorous and groundbreaking scle nee. The a;m,p.nys em phasis 011 strong basic research cornbi nedwith an applied focus on medical needs has been instrumental ro i tHUCce5S and growth, Genemech's Research depnrtmen, includes about 1.1 00 researchers, scientists, and pcsrdocs,

The company's goal in setting strategy for the research department ls [Q strike tho optimal balance between ba.de::. biom I!'d.ica:l rtsea.tm and translational research aimed a, developing therapies for unmet medical needs, Genenrech also explicirly fosters indlvidual c rearivlry and initiative among its researchers, encouraging scientists co pursue pro jeers of lnrerest in addition ro- working ooward me company's goals. A. a result, me company's sdenrists have consisrendy pu bllshed impor'''m~ in prestigious peer-reviewed journals. In addirlOn, Genentechs sciendsts have secured about 7,.400 current, non-expired p.renrs worldwide and OO\'e about 6,250 patem applicar.ons pending worldwide.

A primary mission of Genenrechs research departmenc is to keep the company', produce pipell ne full. This entails mewing new research projects into development each yeor, expanding Indica dons and markers for currenr produces, and supportlng developmenr Pl'Ojeots. Geneurechs leaders are also commuted ro expanding the scientific and rechnologlcal leadershlp of the company by hel ping current employees reach their full potendal and recruidng new research ralenc In an effort to develop young scientists Interested in biotechnology Genenrech has a """ng posrdocro ral progrnm" with fellowships rita, typically lase four years. The primary aim of rhe program is for Genentech sclen tists to train postdocs to conduct research of me h lghesc possible quali<y in scientific areas ofinreresr to the poscdcc and the company. Throughout the program, rellow. ore enco ur.ged to p resent the progress and results of their work born imernally and externally as well as ro attend semi nars, collnboeare with 0 mer scienrisrs, and! when possible, manage others. Overall, me Genenrech posrdoc program i, designed to create a vibrant and supportive environment for 'igoro us scientific training.

To ensure continued sciendfic excellence, in Oceobe, 1992 Genen tech opened the Founders Research Center, a 275,OOO-"IU,,<>-roOt facility devored solely to biotechnology res ea rch. The fuei lity was dedicated w·Mr. Swanson and Dr. Boyer in honor of ,heir pur· suit of the prom;,;e of bioredmology when they ... tablimed Genen,.d, in 1976. III Aptil200 1, the company eeleblared i", 25 rll anniversary by breaking ground on

top 1 o most admired biotechnology companies

1. Genentech Inc.

2. Amgen Inc.

3. Genzyme Corp.

4. Biogen Idec Inc.

5. Gilead Sciences Inc.

6. Celgene Corp.

7. Cephalon .Inc,

8. Alketmeslnc,

9. Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc.

10. OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc,


a 280,OOO.;;quare-foot expansion of m.,. ~ R",search Center. Completed in 2003, the 5S~ roOt complex houses specialized l.bo~~.!JiItt" of- rhe-science eq ul pmem in s" ve ral in"""O:!Im.,;ttt/ buildings, In 2007, Genenrech "ponai,,~ tarnpus extension mot comprises more than 23Il.(J)D~...:re feet of addirional specialized laboratories,

Genenrechs leaders are intenron prrMcllrtg d..-com-puny', researchers with access co the m.""" ~ rechnolcgies and bJ ological i.molmatiOll no=say eo optimize their research producriviry, All of~'s sclenrisrs have access ro stare-of-the-an ONA~ing, m icroOIlay, and bioinforrn aries suppxt zs "..;'l as a fully il\t~gmtM mouse g~netk ~ngin~ E.::L1otr- In collaborarive em", between various deparnnents ar GOl\eo,,,cl!, these tools are being rued in cf!i>rr,;~:2S the function ick.l)tifi""rioo of a h.g~ number of ~ of intereer n the company's discovery dl'om. ~ better mom" models ofhmnan disease Or tht idm!ification of specific somatic mursrions and 'COP}' nnmIx:r ,changes in the genome of" number of'ruma, 'l'P"'-

In 2008, Genentech invested. $2.8 billion. 01" 21 % of cperaring revenue On a GAAP b as is, in", =" and development, significantly mere dian dt.~ceutical industry overage. To balance """'''''''' ....... "ith the stronges lik.lihood of suoce;" G.n~ WIIu,,uouslj evaluates i!OS pipeline products in 0"''' w~mine which are the most promising proj= "'.,.."." through the many phases cf'clmical resting, T .... eempanys development pipeline continue>. OJ gro"'. """'. nu mberlng more than 100 pro j ecrs in om:ologj.,. imm u nology; disc rde rs of ti ss ue gJ'"wth and rq>2ir. and neuroscience, The pipeline includes both b~ innovations and new indications for ~ wdj-nnders rood products that may 6gb, more than one disease 0 r more than on. form of a. disease.

Manufacturing and commer~ializotion

Genente.:h was the firs< biote<:bnology aomp-- ..... y ro scale up protein manufacturing successfully fiwu m." small quantities used for research '0 the much ~ quanrlties needed for clinical trial, and ~ The companyls a world I eader in biotech manufuaiumg, with more FDA-approved manuli:tcturing ~<yli>' the producrloe of biotech medicines than ony"th.r co mpany. During rhe las, [1';'0 decades, G=m:b. has bull, world-class production facilities. developed esperrise in commercially viable manUfucwring p~ es, and also artracred and retained key pm;olWO! wid!. experience in all aspectS of large-scale b ioIogi<>; manuMuring. Genemechs manefacruringexperrise ""d "'paciry, about 330,000 liters of installed fmm:ntation cop.dty, provide imporranr competitive ad,,,,,..,,_ in. the maturing blo technology indus.." and po<irlor. the oompany well ro moo, ehe demands of;[$ promising product pipeline. Genenrech hasthree mrulu£n:ruring fu.cili<ies in California: South San Francisa>. \':ID\iUe. and Oce"",jde. In 2004, the company DegmcommJction on an expal1,iO.n to irs VacoviUe ,ile. whic:h, ,,:hen complctod. will be the large>' biotoeMol.ogy 1IWlufu.:turing fucili<y of irs kind in tho world. GC~a'I=h 2<:quired the Ocean,ide biologics manufocruring &rilit} in June 2005 and """,ivet! FDA tiremw... in !\pril2007. In March 2006, the companyal11lou.nced th~ ~ of propert)' in Hill,boro, Ore .• for the ~ and devclopmenrofa fillffini<h Faci~ry, Co=«io.~" I'mgressing ar the location for me filllfumh fuolity. ;;;ad tbc ,varehou,e and di<rriburlon oenter b=" ~"'" ill July 2008. In N",'en1ber 2006, Genm=h:md £.on. za (loaza.com)eme,..J inw. rupplyogreemcmfor dte manufacture ofAva.stin Ot Lond, fucill'r=~·nnde< c<>rurrw:~ion in Singapore, V7h.n compkr.d. tht 80,000-lirO>" facmry will be rhe fim Iatg~ b.& hiologics m.ml1fucruru.g plan r in Sin.gapote. \cith FD}1. Ike",,,,," expec,ed in 201 O.

The oommerciol group play; a crucial rot. iP h~ ing Gooont.ch'. thw.pies,o irs CUStomers b:o.~ hig the companys ScitntLfic LnndvabOns into' ~ in d!.~ prattle:<" of mMidn. ,ha, enhan<:<" md ~ pad~nrs' live" Th~ group'. primary focm i< !U ~ ind sell novel, rarg,red therapies for ~ >e"""': ...-itb unmer Deeds. The devdopmenr and irnplan....~ ofcommerdai strategie, involves colla""'~ ..:tI)$S a varie<y of "ami' with dedicated ""perm.:. "'Iho:se dialogues are suppocred bY ;men,i"" mado.. .. pbnning '"

Genentech CEO Pesce I So rlot will to ke on Ih e role of Roche', chief operoting officer of Its Phormc Divlslon in Jonuary 201 0,

ensure thoughtful undersrandlug of each therapeutic area and customer group and by continuing examination of broad heal rhcare marketplace trends.


Genenrech has received a long ~S[ of employer-relaeM honors, In January 2009. Fortlim" magazine named Genearech one of die "100 BestCompaniesro Work For" for rhe 11 rh consecutive year, ranking the company No. 7 on the list, Genen tech is me onlycompany in the b io cech industry that has appeared on the Ii<[ [or 11 ccnsecudve years.Tn Octobor 2008, Ge"..,tech was named "cop employer in the biopharmaceutical ,1\dusrry" by Science magazine. This Is the seventh yeor Genenrech has '1' peared on the lis, and the, sixth No. 1 ranking fur the company. And in S. ptember 2008, Working Mother magazine named Genenrech one of tho "100 Best Companies for Working Mothers: Thi< is the 16rn yoor Genentech has appeared on me lis,.,

The company has abo eam.d a number of 'orpo"ue honors, In Mard! 2008, F<"Tunf namoo Genen,.w No. I in the Phorm •. ceu ticals catego!), On its 2008 Hst of '/\me< id. Moo t _"'dmircd" com p.nics. Th.is i< thc third P' Genentoch h .. qualified for the list and the =ond year in HOW the company ha< rankai No., I. In M.y 2008, &n-ons magazine named Genenrech No. 41 on irsartlma.!"SOO BesrAmerican Companies" tisr, G<:nenrech was me rop ranking biotechl phMmareurical romp.nyon the lis;. And in July 2009,. the Sm, fumcisca B",fMt< Tim", named Genenrec:h No. 9 on irs lis, of Top Bay Area Corporate P hilanthropisrs at me annuo! Bay Area Corpora,. Phil.ntruopy Summit and Awards. This is ,he dtird y.'" Genen=h has ranked No.9 and rne fOHM oons&ucive year the compaQy has "pp",,'ed on rhe ];se.

&vern! Genet! tom senior ,raJrer, have <ornM honn" fOr ,heir work 38 well. In April 2009, Genenrecl!'s chai,man and CEO Arthur D. Levinson, PhD., W38 namtd to Instituti.fJna.lln.vtsto'f magazin~~s 1';J\..m ~ca':l Best CEO," Lis,. Dr. L""O$o" ral\k~d as th~. No.2 CEO in Biotwmology, a ,.., b-attgory of the ffiaj,h= ca"goty. Thi< i. th¢ ,.cond yeor rna, Dr, Uvin;<on 00. =ked No. 2 in ,he. Bior.chnology category. In -'{arch 2009, Dr, levin",n was nam~d '0 &,.,,,,lHsr oBO "World's B~" CEO.," me ,econd ,ime he has app<:ated onrhe li,t.

In i", October 2008 i .. t1e.. Ptmun. named Small Desmond-Hellmann, M.D., presidem ofProdw:< De-


velopmenr a, Genenrech, one of <he 50 mos powerful women in American business. Ranked No. 13, 0" Desmond-Hellmann appeared on rhe hsr for rhe sevenrh time.

C~rporate citixenship

Because Genentech is co mmiired to people having access ro irs medlclnes when rhey need them, Ole compony has created a set of programs to ens u re p ri ce is no t a barrier to access for paric n ts. Through the co m pa:~ ny's Generuech Access Solutions program, Geuenrech provides patients and h ea Irhcare provider wi th <XiV~gc: an d rcim bursemem :SUppOftt pari enc assistance, and informational reso urces, This supporr is ,,,,,ilab!e for eligible patients in the Unlted Scares who do nor have insurance coverage 0[' who cannot afford their 0 utof-pocket co-pay costs Since 1985, when me company', firs, product was approved. Cenenrech has donared about $1 billion In tree medicine co uuinsured psnen ts rhrcu gh the Genenrech Access to Car. Foundation and other product donadon programs, Additic nally, sill ce 2005! th ~ company has don ated 111 OIL than $140 million to various independent non-profit organizarions that provide financial assistance ro eligible patients who canner access needed medical treatme~t due to C(J~pay costs.

_ yen enrech also provides ,up port to organizations ,ru.r help paden" understand and cope wim their dlseases. TI,e co m panys panene-health programs e nhance education and awareness and C!illIJD! m-at patients are able ro access effective medical therapies and necessary support systems. An example of one of these programs is "Strike Out Cancer," an education program thai parmer, with a leading non-profit organlzauon ro encourage people a/fecred bycancer to loam sbour new approaches, SUpPOH networks, all d educational reSOUfC,e,s _

Beyond parient programs, Genentech donated mo re than $33 million to .< uppo" a wide range of educational and community initiatives in 2007. The oom!'".my suppam educational programs rhar encouragethe pursulr of scientific and medical innovation, fiom elementary school to [be postgraduate level. Gencntt:ch a10 matts donarions ro local organlzadons and events suppores group employee volunteer acuvities, and create irs own program:5 to meet the: specific n a::J~ 0 r ! ts comm unides. One such initiarlve is ~'Genen[ech Goes w TOWL1, .... a program mo., provid.es $25 in ,pecial GencnMoney to c:rn.pl Drees ,during a rnro~\vcc:k. period to encourage :sup-po" of local merchanrs and me cominued development ofbusiolSSS areas ill che wmpalli~ commlJinicLes.,


Allergan di"overs, develop" and comme,dali= p roduees in the ophthalmology; neuroscie!loes, mtrlical dermatology, medical aesthelles, 0 be;ity imervemioll, ctrologics, and odter specialty m.,ke" d", deJj" •• val uo <0 irs cusrom l::tS, sati.">1}r uli.rnet medical needs, a,nd jmprove

top 10 most admired specialty companies

1, Allergon Inc.

2. Shire Pic.

3. leva Phormoceuticallndustries

4. AlCon Inc,

5, Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings 6., Mylan Inc.

7, Hospira Inc.

8, Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc. 9. 8iovail Corp.

10, Warner Chilcott Holdings Ltd.

S ccrOBER 2009

pa'ionri lives, In addlrion ro irs discovery-ro-developrnenr research progr;1JllS,. Allergan has global rnorkedng and salescapabilities wi th a presence in more than 100 countries, Tho com pa ~y em pi OJ" about 7,006 peop [e worldwide and operates world-clas research and dovelopmenr fad Ii des and several smre-of-rhe-arr manufacturing pl •. nts.

Alle.rgan is a glo hal, technology-driven mulri-spedairy healthcare rompany pursuing therapeutlcadvances to help patients live life to their fulles potential. In making this commitment, the corn pany is working to develop an unparalleled level of Insight into patients' wants and needs - and in to the priorities and concerns of the medi cal specialists who trear them. To this end, Allergan em pi")" more rhan half of its work force in ei mer research and development or sales, ensuring that the company', efforts are focused on innova don and its custo mers.

Allergans flogship franchise, in eye care, neurosclences, medical dermatology; andurologies are strucrured under rhe company's pharmaceutical business ponfollo, Allergen Pharmaceudcals, This porrfollo offers specialty physic inns and thei r pari en ts a wide ra nge of rr .. atmen rs to help preserve and protect sigh" reduce physical disabil i ry, and enhance quality of life.

With die acquisition of Inarned Corp in 2006, Allergen added breast aesthetics a nd d"'~al Ii llcrs to its business portfolio to creare a world-leading medical aesthetics franchise, The acquisition also brought Allergan a leading product portfolio in obesity intervention thar offen> minimally invasive devices to help putlenrs achieve sustained weigh, loss and reduce heahh risks associated wich obeslry All of these products are now represented within the Allergan Medical corpD· rate division.

With special ty product li nes fOc.w;od on h igh.-growth markets, Allergan repre:>ents a new multi-specialty healthcare model for me fiiture, where diversification and foe,", live together co olli-, physicians and patients best-In-class treatments and a robust pipeline fur conrlnuous innovation. Bolstered by an in regrated R&D organlzadon and global Jnfrasrrucrcre, characteristics of some of the inclusny's largest pharmaceutical companics, Aliergan also maintains a lean and dliej ent operarion wid, solid growth prospeCt<, Ilk. many smaller and more specialized organizations in the h ea Ithcare field. Allergan is large en ough to command sutlicienc resources ro address si gnific::aru patieur needs, yef small eno" gh fo, njmble execution, Looking to the fu w,'e, Allorg;m will con tin ue to follow i" R&D technologies in,o addirional ,pedalty "teas and build. leader" .sh ip p re:.;el1L~ of (eJevan(;e to the dQ(..::tors and pa.tient,j me co mp""y "rYeS.

The i11M.,.. d ve spirit mat infuse" Aliergan today can be ,,,,,,ed back CO Allergan', faun de<, phaunadsr Gavin S, Herberr. In 1948, Mr. Herbert WaS already th" ,uccessful owner of a chaln of drug 'COres in Los Angel"" BlI~ hjs i!lt~Ie-.st aod entrepreneurial jrn:dnc~ were igni,ed when a dose friend and chem.i'" Star\I~ Bly, approached him with an idea for an an ci-allergy nose drop con raj n in g the: an ci h is[am.in~ neO:3!l1 W1'gan_ They .sel up " srnaillaborntory 0]1 the Mloonj' of Mr. Haben;, drugs.ore in Los Angel.., m make ,he ,olution, which they ",amed Allergo.n Nasal Dwp'.

Ro. pon ding to me ,ugg<"tion of al1 0 phmalmologi" friend, Mr. Herb"t and Mr. Bly lator roformulo,ed d,e product as Meye drop ro trel\l' allergic COnjun"tlviti,- (inJlamma,;on of th~ eye). Th.e re,u1, "'as Aliorgan, me firs, amihis,umine eye drop ·in ,he Urn,ed States. A, woc~d be repe.red ,i me and "gain ove, me yearst d1e new company achieved SLlcce;SS by rc:.spond~ ing mrne sugg"",jon> of i", cusmmers, 1he ,u=..<ful lou ncb of Allergan effea:ive!y announced Mr. Herber", emr:mce in CO me spociaJ ty field of 0 phEh.1 mology and "[,0 boom. h is now com pany'5 roollib,r when he ..,robl ished Ail"gon .p ho.rmaccuticaL, Inc, in j 950 CO pur· slie the pol'ential ofd1i, and Ocil" 'hempi'" he and ML Bly would develop.

Mr, Herbertconrinuoo '" focus Allcrga.n On the dis· covery and developmem of novel fonllu!ario.11< [n.r,l'0- "laity marke[8, and on clos. collabor.<ion wim physicians :3!nd rh c: scien tifie community to makl:' rhe.s~ produces bmer. By 1953, AJlergall was producil;g ilS

David PyoH [olned Allergan Q,S president and CEO ,i n 1998" nd now serves 0, ",hoi rrncm of the board and CEO.

eye drop, and formulating new produces such as the firsc cortisone eye drop '0 treat allergic inOammatio n and the fir", ophrhal rnic steroid w,oongesmn r,

In 1957, Mr. Herb." rurned the company over ro [us sO[lJ-Gavin Herberr jr. Ll6: his father, the: SOCQnd Mr. Herbert used insigh ts gained by actively liseenlng to ph ysicians and patienrs and consuldng with speclalill and researchers to guide the developm om of i nnovative new products in areas of unmer medical need, Many Allergan "firs"," - innovative produces that adva nee patient care - have fo llowed si nee, both un der the direction of Gavin Herbert 1 r., who remained at the helm until me mid-1990's, and presendy David Pyorr, who joined Ali,"~; as president and CEO in 1998 and now serves as chauma n of (he board and CEO_

Since arriving at Allergan, M r; Pyon h as ",organ ized and streamlined me company ro reveal i,", .rrong entreprcncurial roots- He also has re-energized the company aro und rile foundJ:r,,;;:) {].ri,gi.nal Y.l sion for ,:;t faSt ;a nd relponsive, cU5!Omer-fucllsed way of doing busines" In doing"", M r, Pye)[[ has helpod Allergan build on irs rnulriple S[rengtlli and move deci,ivdy into exciting Dew areas of specialty medicine wllere oppornmili:es to u"ufy make: a ruffc:rc 11 CC in pati e:ntst J!Ye.S ar-.e grea.test Today Allerg;u' represerm a gtoi>al, $4.4 bllli()IJ multispecialry healmcare oompanywi,h leading poruolios in eye care, neurosciences, med.ical dermacologj\ ,ned.ieal acstnc:cic.s.t obesity intervention) and uroLogies_

Finandcd performance

Afier d,e srrong 29 % sales growili Allergan en jo),ed In 2007, 2008 wosa challenging year financially given ,he war I dwide econom ic downturn. Hnw<Y"'r, 2008 also !'epresen[ed a ,une for reflection and ,,",,""ment of the company's short-le<D and long-""m oppOl'runiEies, enahling Allerg.n t-<> "merge from 2008 stronger and ""ner prepared fOr tho d,oll""s'" ahead, Accororng w company !eade,.,. Alleegan draws "",hili '1', It"'" grh, .nd .",jue from i" Growth Eq UatiOIl- a bu,iness model that bako= eli,,,,,,, .pltialtic:>wiw. focu..ed appIwch 3nd " leadership prelence i11 world mark"",.

All""&'-ll's sales co,.le<l $4.4 billion in 2008, an imp""",men! of11.8% compared wim me previous ye"'. The company's .. "rna! ,ales g['O\vrn., ,hough, was quire diffi,r~r" from ""pecra<io11< a, the sm" of me year, 1'-"lirularlr wim .rcgar-d to continued strortg"<pan.ion of th.~ modical acsili«ic~ blJ,lines-, ,hao indud .. Boto" Cosmetic. tkrmal Iille.rs. gnd br=! "es,heri",. Late in the 6ru qtw1"', the comp"ny bega" to ""perience tho impaa of wo:bado; in U.s. cousLlffier 'pending on mere ekctn'l: =It pay bu,ine«c,. From mid-)""" onward, AlIergm increasingly experienCed me eff<:c" of a global r=Wn, especially ill E",ope. Beyond medical aesmmes. me economic currenrs 0150 chaJj""gtd tho co m- 1"'IlY', growrh ""l'",,,,oon, for j" obesity intervention porUulio, specifically the Lap-B .... d Adjustable Gas-

eric Banding System. I'Dr die Lap-Band Sy,· rem, about a qLmrrer of rhe company's business iscurreruly cash pay, and when rei mb ursed, the rypical co-payment is in the mIlge of$2,OOO <0 $4,000. In tough economic rimes when consum." are reducing personal expenses. growth fu, a produce like [he Lap-Band Sysr.em ;.\ also ,,~acivdy af[""",d,

Even with these chaIl~ng,,,, Iitst-ha1F2008 net sales gwwth was still strong at 21 % compand with the corresponding period of 20 07 , while second-half net sales growrn was rnoderare ar 3% with weak consurn er demand being am plmed, by the strength of the U, S. dollar ve rsus foreign currencies. Thanks to the ccmpanys reliable forecasting systems, Allergan initiated strong expe:n.'i€" controls £TDm mid-year onward ~ which permitted the company ,0 deliveradjusted earnings-per-share growrh of 18% for me .-------------------------------------------------------i fuU year, Allergsns pharmaceutical businesses increased 13% over 2007 011 a constant cur"'[ICY basis, compared with a worldwide pharmaoeutical industry growth rate or 4%. Given the high investments Allergan mode ill prior years jJ1 sal es- foro. expansions and substandal direcr-ro-consumcr ad v ~rcisiJ1g budgets for its consumer-orienred brands, rompony leaders believe rharAllergan possesses die snaregic flexibility to streamline these cos' areas, reducing many optional programs wh ile P rorecri ng long. term investments ill .R&D.

Corporate citiu!IIship

The All "rgil" Fe undo "On is aU. S .• based, pr i vare chari table fo undation es tablished by Allergen in 1998 wid. a mission co make a po ... itive and lasting impact on thecommunity The AlIeq;an Fo~nda,ion lencb philanthropic soppon and involvement ro organtzadons working


The editors of Mad Ad New, polled th e h eo lthc 0 re i ndu "try to d etermine the Mo,t Admired Componr in Ihree oolegories: phormoceuticol, biolechnolo9Y, and speciclty. Re" spondenjs were osked 10 complete a be llot, selecf ng the i r lop th'ee choice, for Most Admired Compony in each cotegory.

The editors of Med Ad News seleered Ihe nomi nee. in 000 h "aleg 0- ry bo sed on Ih air ronki ng by 2008 revenue. For 011 thr,ee coreqories only parent componles are listed, Cl nd s ubs idiories ond d iv i sion sore excl uded fro m the Ii sts unless th e,e are specie! clrcumstonces The phorrnccevllccl colegory represents the lop holf horn Med Ad New,' TDP 50 Compon les report fealu red in the Seplember 2009 issue. Th ls groupi ng does i nd u de crossoverfrom the biotechnology and specialty<ompony li'ting'_ The biotechnology cotegory .represenl' the top qua,. ler of Med Ad New,' TDP 100 Bi olech nolO9y Cam po n i es report as p" b I ished in the June 2009 mog.oLi ne. The specialty category derives I,om Phormoljve.com's Specialty Ccrnpontes report thot will be published online in Oclober 2009, To be induded in the specialty cotegory", com po n i es must de .... elop on dj or morket prescription drug, end/or gener ie d rIIg s. The speei 0 lty-compcny "aleg ()ry i no! "de, g eneric, drug· delivery, ond druq-development cornponies. Componies thot develDP and! or mo rke t ooly 0 TC prod. ucts are excluded.

hard !O make die lives of indi 'lid uals healthier and h appier an d EO make their communi ties better places ro live, now and in me future.

Since Inception, The Allergan Foundacion h as mad e grant> of almos $l2 mlllio n, focusing ,upper< in four philm[hropic areas, me arts, civic programs, educa tl on, and. health ""J human services. Ai; part of The Allergan Found a tion'scommitment to health and human services, the Foundation also suppOtffi seleered initiarives, known as: III Focus Grnnr.sI:;Q ro improve patienrdlagnosls, """[111<"', core, and q uallry of life, or to otherwise promote access ro quali'Y h ea hh care: Eve,y organ izari 0 11 fIT oei V iIlg .uppo rt from Th" Allergan Foundation is dedicated CO addressing uumec need. in j", com.mu n iIYj and Al lcrgan is proud to sup port me Foundation in that effort.

gardless ofrhelr ablli'l' to pay. The Bo 'ox Pa· rieur Assistance Program provides Botox merapy at no charge to financially eligible parieurs who are elmer uninsured or underinsured.

The Cervical Djsronla Fund, a parient-assisrance progr-"m dedicated ro assisting i nsured patients who cannot afford the our-of-pocket costs associated with My FDA.oppmved treatment for cervical dystonia, is available through the National Organizaricn of Rare Disorders Inc" (raredlseases.org), The NORD is an independent, nonprolir 50 I (c) (3) organ lzario n, Allergen is a proud spo""", 0 f this progl'am,


Allergan also parrlcipares in three progrAm' designed to provide access to die companys medications and treatments for rhose faciJ1g fintlncioJ distress, To help ensure rhar Allergaus eye care and medical dermarclogy product'; are available to those in financial need, the company partlclpares in Rxl-Iope, com. The only program of if>, kind SUPPOlted by born Pharmaceu deal Research and Manufacturers of America and partici paring pharmaceurical companies, RxHope is rhe largest lndependent Web·based pauent-assistance program resource, processing and fulfilling rho usands of r"q uesrs every day.

For more than a decade Allergen has helped many p. nenrs who depend on Bo rex treatment for serious or deblllrating medical conditions have access 1,0 needed therapy [1':.

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