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*Ways to improve energy efficiency: increase fuel efficiency, make vehicles lighter and stronger.

*We can save energy in building by getting heat from the sun, super insulating them and using plant covered green roofs. *We can save energy in an existing building by insulating them, plugging leaks and using energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. *Renewable energy: direct solar, moving water, wind and geothermal. *Ways to cool houses: super insulation, taking advantages of breezes, shading them, light covered or green roofs, geothermal cooling. *Biomass: plant materials and animal waste can be burned to provide heat or electricity or converted into gaseous or liquid biofuels. *PRO-energy is free, net energy is moderate, quick installation, no co2 emissions. *CON-Need access to sun 60% of time, sun blocked by other structures. *Solar cells *PRO- High net energy, No CO2 emissions. It lasts 20-40 years. *CON-Need access to sun, low efficiency, high land use and costs. *Hydropower *PRO-Moderate to high net energy, high efficiency, large untapped potential. *CON-High construction costs, environmental impact from flooding, high CO2 emissions. *Wind power *PRO-Moderate to high net energy, high efficiency, moderate capital cost. *CON- Steady winds needed, high land use, visual pollution.