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Under this program, continuing law students will be exposed to different legal fields and work environments that will help them gain new skills and experience beneficial to their study and application of law. What do interns selected under this program do? They may undertake the following tasks: Conduct legal research Practice legal writing skills ttend actual hearings ssist lawyers and interact with clients Perform other related tasks, as may be re!uested

Who is eligible? This program is open for all continuing "# and $$% students in U&C. What is the duration of internship? This program will run from pril '( )*onday+ to *ay ',, -.'( )/riday+. Where would hired interns work? #epending on the availability of slots, one may choose to work in any of the following offices: 0ffice of the 0mbudsman 1isayas Public ttorney2s 0ffice )P 0+ Cebu Provincial Prosecutor2s 0ffice

Do interns get paid for their work? This program is purely voluntary. $egal interns are not entitled to any compensation for their service. 3owever, $ex Circle will provide a one4time P5.. allowance to cover the expenses for transportation and snacks. Certificate of 6nternship may also be issued to them by their chosen government office. How and when do I apply? Complete application re!uirements must be submitted to any $ex 0fficer on or before *arch -7, -.'( )&aturday+. &elected interns will be re!uired to attend a half4day orientation seminar on pril '', -.'( )/riday+. $egal 6nternship application form Updated r8sum8 with picture 9%6 Clearance and Police clearance )for P 0 interested interns+

For submissions or questions, you may contact: rra %alahadia, U&C $ex President <atreena %isnar, *inister for "ustice .7::4::;47-7( .7:-4==-4-.5-