Inaction justified by demanding legal certainty and/or predictability


To play, simply print out this bingo sheet and attend any polluter’s event on EU climate and energy policy. Put a cross over each square that is mentioned throughout the course of the event. The first one to form a straight line (or all four corners) must yell out “bingo” to win!

Doomsday prediction for heavy industry

Asking to decrease regulatory burden for business by scrapping legislation

Bashing of renewables support schemes

No reference to fossil fuel subsidies

EU’s global share of emissions only 11%

Calling for a global level playing field

Production moves to *insert country*

Speaker unable to recommend an EU 2050 climate target needed to stay <2°C

“need to be ambitious but REALISTIC”

Climate action endorsed AND policy recommendations that increase emissions in the same sentence

No scientific references


“Loss of competitiveness”

Reference to already achieved Herculean industry efforts to cut emissions

Against: Renewables and energy savings target. For: industrial GDP target.

Urging no action should be taken until the international agreement

Low US energy prices - argument

Emission reductions will be cheaper later through future technology

Carbon leakage

EU “lone frontrunner without followers”

Stating that energy savings will happen automatically

Warning against artificial market intervention

Climate protection and economic recovery represented as mutually exclusive

Sentimental appeal to a) protect the highemission industry OR b) take into account the specific sectoral circumstances

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