On 12/24/93, the Scott County Sheriff’s Department arrested Jamie and Gladys Scott for armed robbery even though three young males, ranging from ages 14 to 18, confessed to committing the crime and the women have unwaveringly maintained their complete innocence. Despite this, the corrupt Mississippi sheriff used coercion, threats, and harassment to compel them to turn state’s evidence against the Scott sisters due to a long-standing vendetta against a family member. The Judge in the case, Marcus Gordon, has an extensive racist past that includes granting bail to the KKK murderer of 3 civil rights workers in 1964. In 10/94 the Scott Sisters were sentenced to extraordinary double-life terms each, despite the facts that no one was harmed, neither sister had prior convictions, & the amount alleged to have been taken was $11.00! Even if they were guilty as charged, this sentence is completely outrageous and cruel! THE SCOTT SISTERS ARE NOW IN THEIR 15TH YEAR OF UNJUST IMPRISONMENT! WE NEED LEGAL REPRESENTATION FOR THESE WOMEN NOW! WE NEED YOU TO PLEASE HELP TO MAKE THIS A NATIONAL NEWS STORY! Their older brother has recently returned from Iraq and has served in the US Army for 22 years. The women's five children and grandchildren are being raised by their now ailing mother, and their father has died of a massive heart attack because of this. The emotional strain this burden has placed upon their family is absolutely immeasurable. The defendants and their family are wholly depending on support from the press, organizations, and all those dedicated to justice in making this debacle as public as possible. Please visit for complete info or contact their mother offline, Mrs. Evelyn Rasco, P.O. Box 7100, Pensacola, Florida 32534. "The Scott Sisters’ case is a travesty of justice," Chokwe Lumumba, Jackson, MS City Council