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Algebra Assessment Test Part 2 Name: Date: Period: Teacher: Directions - This is a Free Response Exam.

This will co nt as a Final !rade "or # arter $. !ood % c&' (se the "o r-step plan to sol)e the problem. *+ A car engine t rns ,-- re)ol tions per min te while idling. .ow man/ re)ol tions does a car engine t rn in one second while idling0 1rite an integer "or the sit ation. 2+ a pro"it o" 2*2 1rite the phrase as an algebraic expression. 3+ the prod ct o" -4 and x Determine whether the n mber is prime or composite. $+ $4 Estimate the "raction and then sol)e. 4+ 5 *67 8 4 96, At its ann al "air: 1estboro gh ;o nt/ had 25 "ood booths and 73 game booths. A total o" *:34- ad lts and 3:7-- children attended. The "air made a pro"it o" 2$2:---. <" this mone/: 2*2:7-- came "rom "ood sales.

1rite the ratio as a "raction in simplest "orm. 7+ ad lts:children Find the n mber. 5+ 44= o" *$Displa/ the set o" data in a line plot. 9+

A set o" cards is n mbered *: 2: 3: > 2$. ? ppose /o pic& a card at random witho t loo&ing. Find the probabilit/ o" each e)ent. ,+ P@4+ Name the angle in "o r wa/s. Then classi"/ the angle as ac te: right: obt se: or straight. *-+

Find the area o" the parallelogram **+

Estimate the sA are root to the nearest whole n mber. *2+