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grateful / A person that shows thanks.

anxious / Someone who waits very much for something to happen.

bossy / Someone who always wants to command other people.
moody / Often sad, or changing from being happy to sad, often for no clear reason.
friendly / If you make friends very easily you are .
calm / !eaceful, "uiet, relaxed.
responsible / Showing no fear of dangerous or difficult things.
brave / Showing no fear of dangerous or difficult things.
reliable / Someone that deserves trust.
#ealous / $ery protective of someone or something.
curious / Someone interested in knowing about people and things.
clumsy / awkward in movement or manner.
dreamy / Someone who is always imagining and doesn%t give much attention to what is
really happening.
polite / Someone that is really educated and has good manners.
smart / If you can understand things very "uickly you are .
extroverted / A person that loves to talk, meet people and is very communicative.
faithful / Someone who is loyal to somebody/something.
skillfull / If you have a special ability to do something, you are .
crabby / Someone that never laughs and is always complaining about things.
thoughtful / Someone that tends to think seriously about things.