NAACP Annual Membership

Please print out this form and mail it with a check or money order to the address below.
Mail to:
Membership Chair
Santa Fe NAACP
P.O. Box 15692
Santa Fe, NM, 87506-15692
For information please phone (505) 424-6100 and leave message.
$30 Annual fee for each adult. (Includes a subscription to the monthly Crisis magazine).
$10 Annual fee for each child. (Child Crises subscription - $5.00).
$750 Life membership. Payable in yearly installments of $75.00. includes subscription to Crises.
$100 Child life membership.
Total adult memberships ___________________________
Total child memberships ___________________________
Donations to the Santa Fe Branch,
(Not tax deductible). _____________________________
Adult __________________________________________________
Children _______________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________
Contacts: (Phone, fax, email) _____________________________