"#$%&$ (#)"*+%$,"#-
!".,/ 0//1
23- 456789:;<9=:>=
23- 456789:;<9=:>=

H,/#/*+"I,J/ $" K,A,$ D/L,JA F%./A M N*%#1 O"*.A E*/% G3,A H//.

D%$/- B%P QR S6Q;

"#$%&' ()*# + ,-)./ 01-*'2 Ny name is Cokie Reeu anu as an 3'4)- 5)6#- Botuoggei,
I uiive the Wieneimobile all acioss the countiy stopping at communities along the

This week, we will be iolling into the Bevils Lake anu uianu Foiks aiea with the
iconic 3'4)- 5)6#- Wieneimobile vehicle. Please join us to get youi photo with the
Wieneimobile! We will be playing fun activities with families anu of couise hanuing
out the iconic 7%#.#- 78%'9&#': Come ./$&3VW with us at:

Nay S, 2u14
(##$#-' 011/' 11AN-SPN
;<; =
>9? @A
"#$%&' ()*#B @" =C;DE
Nay 4, 2u14
Su6 14
st NE
uianu Foiks, NB S6721

Nay S, 2u14
7)&25)-9 1uAN-1PN
2SS1 S2
Ave South
uianu Foiks, NB S6721
Nay S, 2u14
7)&25)-9 2PN-SPN
S7SS uateway Bi.
uianu Foiks, NB S82uS

Ny co-uiivei 2,XA ,# % YJ%#9Z%$/ anu I aie two of twelve Botuoggeis cuiiently
tiaveling the 3"$ 1"X 3,X3[%PA of Ameiica spieauing miles of smiles. The twelve of
us weie selecteu fiom ovei 1,2uu applicants foi this gieat one-yeai oppoitunity
with 3'4)- 5)6#- to uiive the fleet of six Wieneimobile vehicles. Eveiy yeai, 3'4)-
5)6#- ieciuits at campuses acioss the 0.S. looking foi soon-to-be college giauuates
who have a thiist foi auventuie anu can tiuly &V$ $3/ +VA$%*1? Each team of two
aie assigneu one of the six iegions to tiavel. It is tiuly a IV#1/*)VJ oppoitunity foi
iecent college giauuates! Check out oui \"$1"XX/* YJ"X foi moie infoimation at

With ielish,

Colu Cut Cokie Pigs in a Blan-Kate

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