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Interested in getting first hand experience of orporate !orld that !ill "roaden my #ision$ add to my
%no!ledge and enhance my creati#ity$ analytical and managerial s%ills.
& '(I)* +,)(,I)- & '(I)* +,)(,I)-
Key skills.
• )xcellent a"ility to esta"lish good relationships !ith c/stomers.
• &"le to tra#el in #ario/s areas.
• 0eam player !ith strong analytical and leadership s%ills.
• *riendly !ith comp/ter /sage s/ch as 1icrosoft -ord$ )xcel$ 2o!er point and Internet.
• 3ood comm/nication and !riting s%ills.
• -ell #ersed !ith concepts of 3ap &nalysis and 4ales 1anagement.
• & diligent$ enth/siastic and creati#e indi#id/al !ith a strong foc/s on mar%eting.
 2/rs/ing 1'& 50hird 4)16 from 7r.&m"ed%ar Instit/te of 1anagement 4t/dies and (esearch$ (01
8agp/r 9ni#ersity.
 '.'.&. from 0irp/de Instit/te of 1anagement )d/cation$ 8agp/r 9ni#ersity in 20:0. 4ec/red 54.:0;
 :2th from &molac%chand 1aha#idhylaya$ <a#atmal$ 1= 'oard in 2007. 4ec/red 64.:7; mar%s.
 :0th from 1/nicipal high school$ <a#atmal$ 1= 'oard in 2005. 4ec/red 4:.60; mar%s.
!o"k E#$e"ie%ce
 104 India$ &t 2/ne. 4ales )xec/ti#e 740
>:th 1ar 20::
 I7)& cell/lar ?td.$ &t 2/ne. (etail 2romoter
@/ly 20::
Acadeic $"o&ec'
Ti'le : To S'(dy o) *i))e"e%' ca" loa% sc+ees , -i%a%ce ."oced("e/ 0 Jaika o'o"s l'd/1
%a2$(" 3
7/ration : 45 7&<4.
Description : In this project !e ha#e st/died the different car loan schemes and their financial proced/re
and impact on &/tomo"ile Ind/stry.
 &89'=90I. In#ol#e in promotion$ sponsorship in 7.&.I.1.4.(.
0ally 7.2
.ossesses so(%d (%de"s'a%di%2
• 1ar%eting strategy 1ar%et segmentation 1ar%et research
• 'rand management 2roject management
7ate of 'irth . :>th @/n :AA0
&ddress . cBo &.&. Chan$ 8&$ 4hi#am C/nj$ 'arde 8agar$ 'orgaon$ 8agp/rD:>.
?ang/age 2roficiency. )nglish$ =indi$ 1arathi E 9rd/.
I1 +e"eby decla"e '+a' '+e abo6e i%)o"a'io% is '"(e 'o '+e bes' o) y k%o7led2e/
0S+eik+ Riya83

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