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Competency 001: The principal knows how to shape campus culture by facilitating the development, articulation,

implementation, and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by the school community.

The facilitation of PTA meetings among the school community, allowed the campus to articulate the campus vision, along with
the possibilities to improve previous issues or obstacles impeding the success of our students.

Competency 002: The principal knows how to communicate and collaborate with all members of the school community, respond
to diverse interests and needs, and mobilize resources to promote student success.

At the campus literacy night, we were able to collaborate with our local Target store, who provided volunteers to work with
students at work tables, as well as, offering gift baskets to raffle to raise money for student field trips.

Competency 003: The principal knows how to act with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical and legal manner.

The redesign of our dismissal procedure was met with some push back because of the unfamiliarity of the new plan. However,
administration and all questions and concerns from parents and media in a fair and ethical manner, reassuring everyone that the
change is on the best interest of the students.

Competency 004: The principal knows how to facilitate the design and implementation of curricula and strategic plans that
enhance teaching and learning; ensure alignment of curriculum, instruction, resources, and assessment; and promote the use of
varied assessments to measure student performance.

The campus has a goal to for 90% of students to meet district and state standards. Therefore, With the data wall, teachers are
able to meet during their professional learning community time and review which students are below grade level standards to
collaborate ideas for interventions to help students below the red line.

Competency 005: The principal knows how to advocate, nurture, and sustain an instructional program and a campus culture
that are conducive to student learning and staff professional growth.

The parental coaching program promoted the importance of the partnership of parents and teachers in advocating and nurturing
student learning by coming together to review and improve strategies for at home activities.

Competency 006: The principal knows how to implement a staff evaluation and development system to improve the
performance of all staff members, select and implement appropriate models for supervision and staff development, and apply the
legal requirements for personnel management.

Attending the districts staff evaluation training and the experience of evauating teachers and their lessons, has allowed me to
understand the districts legal responsibility when evaluating teachers, while still coaching performance.

Competency 007: The principal knows how to apply organizational, decision-making, and problem-solving skills to ensure an
effective learning environment.

One of the issues we encountered as a staff was not having a clear understanding of state and district results of all grade levels,
including specific TEKS that had a high percentage rate of an erroneous answer choice. The data wall allows our district and
state results to be transparently organized for the entire staff to see our deficiencies and collaborate for improvement.

Competency 008: The principal knows how to apply principles of effective leadership and management in relation to campus
budgeting, personnel, resource utilization, financial management, and technology use.

Assisting with the campus improvement plan helped to understand the importance of proper budget planning for the upcoming
academic year and what areas resources would best be utilized to meet our campus goals.

Competency 009: The principal knows how to apply principles of leadership and management to the campus physical plant and
support systems to ensure a safe and effective learning environment.

The redesign in the dismissal procedure ensured the safety of our students because it removed the community population from
entering the building at the end of the day.
Principal Competencies and Project Participation
Principal Competencies and Participation