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Architecture vocabulary

Brainstorm at least two pieces of vocabulary into each of the categories below:
People associated with buildings
Materials associated with buildings
Equipment that architects use
Parts of a room
Parts of a house or flat
Parts of a building
Types of house
Types of other buildings
Things architects do and produce
Written by Alex Case for 2011
Match the groups of words below to the categories above.
Floor Ceiling
Socket Air conditioning
Double glazing Handle
Fitted kitchen Open-plan dining room/ kitchen
Balcony Playground
!oo" top# terrace $eranda
%round "loor/ Fir&t "loor Fire e&cape
'i"t/ (le)ator Bicycle rack&
Ba&ement/ Cellar !oo"
Foundation *ezzanine
Penthou&e Se+age
Communal area 'obby
%ate Partition +all
,indo+ cleaning cradle Skylight
Detached hou&e Semi-detached hou&e
-erraced hou&e Bungalo+
Cottage *an&ion
Block o" "lat&/ Apartment building Old people.& home/ /ur&ing home
Care home Community centre
*ulti &torey car park Sky&craper
'u0ury "lat&/ Condo Shopping centre/ *all
Studio "lat& Health centre/ clinic
Ho&pital Department &tore
Public building
Brick !ein"orced concrete
-ile Stone
,ood /ail&
%lue Paint
Pla&ter ,allpaper
Ply+ood 1n&ulation
CAD programme& Pen tablet
Set &2uare !uler
Protractor !ubber/ (ra&er
Foam/ Styro"oam Automatic pencil/ *echanical pencil
Compa&& %PS
Sur)eying e2uipment
Written by Alex Case for 2011
Plan Dra+ing
Sketch 3D model
Doodle Blueprint
Concierge Security guard
Builder Bricklayer
Sur)eyor Site manager
'and&cape architect Plumber
(lectrician Ci)il engineer
1nterior de&igner Decorator
Carpenter (lectrician
Sa"ety in&pector !oo"er
Pla&terer Architectural engineer
Choose one of the words above that you know and explain which one you are thinking of
without using any part of its name until your partner works out which one you are talking
Useful language
4ou can "ind it5
1t.& u&ed "or5
1t.& u&ually/ al+ay&# made o"5
What are the differences between the words divided by dashes (!"
Which categories from above are and aren#t useful for you to talk about your work"
$n the categories which are useful% which words are and aren#t useful"
Written by Alex Case for 2011