Ozone in dentistry

Introduction: Ozone is a gas found naturally in the
atmosphere. This gas kills bacteria, viruses and
fungi within 5 seconds and because of this it is
often used to control infections in hospitals. That
also makes it very useful in dentistry for killing
the bacteria that cause decay and gum disease

Benefits of the Ozone
• No drill is required
• No injection of anaesthetics
• The treatment is simple and inexpensive (much
cheaper than fillings)
 The laser used is more accurate than x-rays
 EXE!"#$% &E'T#" #!!"()#T(O'*
 Sterilization of pulp canals, cavities
 Treatment of aphthae, herpes, mycosis
 Periodontology
 Pulpitis
 Wound treatment
 Treatment of caries
 Stanching of oozing haemorrhages (e. g. pulpitis)
 Intraoral reduction of germs (surgery)
 Treatment of stomatitis
 ruises caused !y prosthesis (traumatic)
 "voidance of infections and contamination
 Implantology, replantation
 #oot resection
 Treatment of neuralgia
 +O, (T ,O$-*
 $zone permeates carious enamel and dentine
 $zone deactivates %%& of all !acteria
 "lmost all of the acid produced !y the !acteria is there!y neutralised
 " reduction fluid neutralises the remaining acid and adds minerals and fluoride
 It is no' a neutral medium, enriched 'ith minerals
 (omplete remineralisation ta)es !et'een * and +, 'ee)s