Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in English II

I. Objective
During the discussion, students are expected to:
a. decode the rebus puzzles
b. combine sentences and form adjective clauses
II. Subject Matter
a. Focus: Adjective
b. Reference: http://.!"
c. #aterials: $oer$oint presentation
III. Procedure
a. Routinary ctivities
%. &lassroom #anagement
'. &hec!ing of attendance
b. Motivation
Rebus $uzzles. (tudents ill decode the ords on the slide.
c. Lesson Pro!er
$oer$oint presentation about Adjectives.
An Adjective is a ord that describes a noun or a
pronoun. Adjectives are ords that describe nouns.
Adjectives describe ho something feels, loo!s, tastes, or
sounds. Adjectives can also tell ho much or ho man).
I". Evaluation
&ircle the adjectives in the sentences belo. *hen underline the noun it

%. *he )ello duc! sam in the pond.

'. + hit m) !nee on the hard roc!.

,. #) sister found a shin) penn)-

.. + ant to drive a red car.

". *he clon ore striped pants and big shoes.
/. (and) pic!ed the pin! roses. .

0. A tin) spider craled up the all.

1. Alex iped his dirt) hands.

2. *omorro is going to be a hot da)-

%3. 4e loo!ed up at the tall building.
". ssignment

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