Tori Jones

Phone Number: 0435 6234
A great opportunity to get your 'foot in the door' to Australia's Leading City Bridal Company. We need a team
player aged between 16-20 with a positive attitude who is required to do appointments and other general duties
in our showroom. Fulltime hours. No Experience necessary. Please email resume and cover letter to

To whom it may concern,

I’m writing to express my interest in position of the Junior Consultant in your
My distinctive combination of creative abilities, positive attitude, and experience
managing tasks and co- operating with others, makes me an ideal person to help
your Bridal team thrive.
I have the acquired skills required for this job, and would love to implement
them to allow people to feel comfortable around me, and allow them to co-
operate with me. In addition, experiences such as SRC and library monitor have
taught me how to build strong relationships with all kinds of people, they also
have taught me to listen to. I also believe I have the ability to work with different
kinds of people with ease.
My resume is attached to this cover letter, and it would be greatly appreciated if
you took the time to read it.
If I can provide you with any further information on my background and
qualifications, please let me know. I would love to hear back from you.

Tori Jones

Tori Jones
Phone Number: 0435 6234

Name: Tori Jones
Email Address:
Career Objective: Seeking a position of Junior Sales Consultant with your company to allow
experience to be created, and to allow your Bridal Team to thrive
Education: Barracuda Girls High School (2010- present)
Age: 16
Awards: Highly Commended of Year 7- 2010
Citizenship Award- 2008
Related Experience:
 SRC- ensuring events occur, and all work is done before deadline \
 Library monitor- ensures all things are organised and set
 Choir
 Drama Club
 Public Speaking- confident with speaking to others, have no problem in having a work-
related conversation
 Co- operative with team, to ensure tasks don’t miss deadline
 Listen to others, whilst talking as well
 Type fast
 Ensuring all deadlines are met
 Can work independently without a hassle, or co- operatively
 Provide attention to detail
 Able to use computers with ease to be able to do general tasks
 Can maintain confidentiality
Mrs McDonald-
SRC Co- ordinator of Barracudda High School
Number: 8754 4367