AnneLe Plll

8lse of 8eallLy 1.v

AnneLe Plll's readlng º8lse of 8eallLy 1.v" provldes an lnformed hlsLory Lhe processes and evenLs
LhaL lead Lo a rlse ln unscrlpLed, facLual programmlng wlLhln Lelevlslon ln Lhe laLe 1990's and
onwards lnLo Lhe new mlllennlum.
key learnlng's from Lhls readlng could be vlewed as (buL are noL llmlLed Lo),
-8eallLy 1elevlslon has lLs orlglns rooLed ln, documenLary Lelevlslon, Lablold [ournallsm and popular
enLerLalnmenL (Lalk shows)
- lL galned success ln Lhe laLe 1990's lnLo Lhe mlllennlum. 1hls was a resulL of decreased leglslaLlon
and lncreased producLlon cosLs wlLh reallLy 1v provldlng an economlc soluLlon.
- lour Wave of 8eallLy 1v Þrogrammlng,
llrsL Wave: Was based upon ºlnfoLalnmenL" programmlng (crlme and emergency reallLy 1v, Lhlnk
8order ÞaLrol or CCÞS). Þopular ln Amerlca and Lurope ln Lhe laLe 1980's Lo early 90's
Second Wave: LlfesLyle programmlng and ºdocusoaps". 1hese shows mosLly relaLed Lo makeovers,
house renovaLlon and gardenlng.
1hlrd Wave: 8eallLy Cameshows, placlng seemlngly ordlnary people ln exLraordlnary envlronmenLs.
Survlvor, 1he Amazlng 8ace and 8lg 8roLher are examples.
lourLh Wave: CurrenL wave, a mlxLure of all of Lhese shows wlLh dlfferenL counLrles showlng Lrends
ln dlfferenL sLyles of programmlng (See page 24 for more lnfo)
8eallLy 1v ls an example of Lhe ways ln whlch Lhe medla wlll be able L shape and Lransform
Lhemselves ln order Lo survlve ln unknown economlc and creaLlve phases. lL has however has a
noLlceable lmpacL on our culLural and medla landscape, Lhe effecLs of whlch sLlll remaln Lo be seen
ln Lhelr enLlreLy.

3 key 1erms
1. lnfoLalnmenL
2. 1ablold !ournallsm
3. uocu-Soap
4. unscrlpLed
3. Cameshow

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