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Introduction to PANI-PURI:
The Panipuri (also known as Gol gappa, pani ke bataashe, Marathi, phuchka or gup chup is a popular
street snack in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. It consists of a round, hollow puri, fried crisp and
filled with a mixture of flavored water ("pani"), tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion and
chickpeas. It is generally small enough to fit completely into one's mouth.
 Few different names in different areas:
In North India it is known as Gol Gappa. The name 'gol gappa' refers to the crisp sphere (gol) that is
placed in the mouth and eaten (gappa) one at a time. Pani comes from the Hindi word for water and puri
(or poori) is the name of an Indian bread made by deep frying in oil. It is known as bataasha in the
Western region of Uttar Pradesh. Bataasha is something which gets smashed with application of a slight
pressure; the bataasha gets smashed as soon as it is placed inside the mouth. It is known as Puchka in
Eastern Indian states like Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal, also in Bangladesh. Because of the
bursting sound in the mouth when it is eaten, called gup chup in Odisha,Hyderabad and South
Jharkhand. Gol-Gappa or Pani Pataase in Madhya Pradesh, Gup-Chup or Gol-Gappa or Panipuri in
Chhattisgarh. In several parts of Gujarat and Kutch.
Source of inventory:
Raw materials for producing Pani Puries come from general food market as the fresh ingredients are
required for every day and flours, potatoes and onions are brought enough to maintain stock of at least a
month because they last for long period rest all brought on every day basis.


How Much It Cost to start PaniPuri Business?
You Need Following items for the business.I have also mentioned Cost.
 Fixed cost:
3x2ft Size Stall - 3500/- INR
8 Nos. Vessels - 1500/- INR
Rent – 4000/- INR
Salary – 4000/- INR
 Variable cost:
Raw material – 2000/- INR

Monthly rent:
Sunil has to pay monthly rent of Rs 4,000. It depends from area to area.
Cost price and profit per day (AVERAGE):
1000 Puris for Making Panipuris(flour) - 350/- INR
2 KGs Potato - 40/- INR
1 KGs Grams - 50/- INR
0.5 KGs Onions -10/- INR
Masalas and Flavours - 200/- INR
His sale of the day is expected to be approximately Rs 1500 to 1800 with a profit of Rs 500 to 700/-
.Each plate has 8Nos of pani puri and is sold for Rs 15/-.with a profit margin of Rs 4.5 to 5 per plate i.e;
Cost price per plate is Rs 10 to 10.50. He needs to have stock of ingredients for atleast a month which
should be stored in cool and dry place.
Why You should start this Business?
This business is growing very fast in terms of Sales. There is no brand in this business, so you have to
start today and get your chances to be rank top. Profit behind this business is motivation for all .In every
indian city, if you observe, you may seen every Pani puri walas earn on average 500-700 INR by selling
pani puris on a street stall. Start this business in your and pull good profit and gave employment to those
who need.


Increase sale and efficiency:
1. Promotional ideas?
 Offer More Puris than other seller on special days by organizing contest.
 Offer Free panipuri on Launching.
 Make different types panipuris flavor than other.
 Give customer royalty Points and offer free pani puris to special customer.
 Give Discount pass to Students and Kitty party groups.
 Marketing Banners
 Facebook Page - FREE
 Blogspot Blog - FREE
 Give Free panipuris to Facebook Fan Of the Week.
2. Panipuri Flavours :
 Regular Chataka
 Hara Pudin
 Hajmola Hajam
 Adrak masala
 Nimboo masala
 Meetha puri
3. Different location within the same area which would be profitable:
 Near Christ university
 Forum mall
 Shreenivasa theater
 Big bazaar
 Lakshmi theater
 Chikalashmi layout.


Product diversification strategies:
 Diversification in products:
1. Pani puri Flavours :
 Regular Chataka
 Hara Pudin
 Hajmola Hajam
 Adrak masala
 Nimboo masala
 Meetha puri
 Chocolate Gup Chup
 Ice puchka
2. Papri chat
3. Bhel
4. Samosa chat
5. Kachori chat
6. sev puri
7. bhel puri
Cost sheet for the month:
particular Cost/day (Rs) Cost/month (Rs)
Fixed cost
 Salary
 rent


Variable cost
 Raw materials


Total 1,096.68 32,900

 stratergies:
 Different flavored water provided
 Puris will be crispy and won’t break down
 Tasty and different types of masalas according to customer demand
 Make hygienic food use mineral water wear gloves use good plates
 Provide place to sit for the customer
 Sample to taste given to all
 Flavored and colored puris
 Stuffing made in front of the customers.
Diversification plan:
If I wish to expand this business, I will need a time period of a week to start a new stall of Pani Puri,
for which I will require Rs 4,000 to pay salary to the vender, Rs 4,000 for rent and rest to buy stand,
utensils, and ingredients. According to this plan, I will start earning profit in 45 to 60 days and will
diversify business in terms of expantion within period of time and once its streamlined, I will give it
a brand name to make Pani Puri popular so that everyone recognize this business.
About Sunil Kumar Pani Puri wala:
Sunil is in the business of making and selling pani puri since past 7 years, and is very happy with his
business as it is running smoothly without any problem. His Pani Puri is very famous in S.G Palya and
many people call him as Sunil Bhai. He has chain of regular customers who cant stop eating his Pani
Puri because it is mouthwatering to them.