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Sent: Sat, Oct 26, 2013 11:21 PM

Mrs Lynton (your work name) or would you prefer me to address you as Mrs Helen Owen

I email you in reference to the twitter account Trolli Dolli @troubledmuriel.

It is evident to the reader of the tweets who do know all the facts, that on twitter there is

 defamation
 harassment
 stalking
 a criminal offence by naming a rape claimant by jigsaw.
 retweeting of defamation.
I also now have your Mumsnet DMs, under your name WellyHelly, which also defamed parties and
emails you chose to circulate from SOSStanbridge. I liked the fact you apparently knew of CPS
decisions; confirmed drug taking; and under-age sex interesting reading to say the least.

Tweets were captured and have already been placed before Justice Royce in the High Court last
week who expressed "deep concern".

I am now absolutely delighted to advise you that proceedings are going to be commenced against you
and others in the High Court, following Queen's Counsel advice. You have engaged in a malicious
campaign, which was simply unacceptable and disgusting, but most of all totally untrue.

Your treatment of other parents who had more dignity in their little finger than you have in your entire
body, is truly shameful in my view. I don't know about being a trolli dolli, I think a simpleton would be
more apt for your behaviour.

I am led to believe it was you who started the false rumour of an "agenda" regarding me and others,
which will also be addressed as its a lie perhaps you would care to comment?

Further, for the record I also do not like your artificial claims that Jxxx is a "victim"; he is not; further no
allegations have ever been made against him by Miss C to my absolute knowledge, and your
claims otherwise are those you made up in what seems your warped little mind. You appear to me to
be an extremely twisted soul in fact.

Further, of more joy to us we are now able to finally report you to Hampshire Constabulary for your
criminal offences, whom as you said on twitter "know you". That's clear from the IOR now in our
possession - its sadly just taken us so long to ascertain the pseudonym to coin a phrase of Ms Hook
you "cowardly" hid behind for so long.

I have to say your treatment of her absolutely beggars belief - it was truly revolting and I am sure your
employer will be concerned when they read what you tweeted and retweeted along with Paul Sxxx,
who will also find himself sued.

Given you state you are employed by Hampshire County Council I will be expressing my concern
directly to them given your access to children in schools and to the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Finally, from my personal view point I would like to say I think you are a gutless twisted spineless
gossiping little troll who hasn't one ounce of courage to say something to a person's face; who knows
absolutely nothing about anything other than gossip and lies you have tweeted and spread for the last
nine months; your conduct has caused considerable harm, distress and hurt to other people in which
you should hang your head in absolute shame. The fact you then dragged vulnerable pupils into your
conduct is truly despicable for an alleged intelligent adult.

Best of all is the fact you have engaged with those linked to paedophiles which is a lesson to you
given they have your data. I would also say you shouldn't believe everyone on twitter are decent
people - their not, but then you're a prime example of that are you not?

I like others are very much looking forward to meeting you and your fellow trolls in the High Court.

Julie Maynard