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Forming the interrogative

In French, you can ask a question in several ways:

You can simply raise your voice in a questioning way:
Tu as faim? (Are you hungry?)
Elle est fatigue? (Is she tired?)
You can use est-ce que at the start of a question:
Est-ce que tu as faim? (Are you hungry?)
Est-ce qu'elle est fatigue? (Is she tired?)
You can change the order of the subject and verb:
As-tu faim? (Are you hungry?)
Est-elle fatigue? (Is she tired?)

Adding -t
If the verb ends in a vowel with il/elle/on, you need to add -t when you change the order
A-t-il faim? (Is he hungry?)
Joue-t-elle au tennis? (Does she play tennis?)
In the perfect tense, you just turn the avoir and tre part around:
As-tu parl Paul? (Have you spoken to Paul?)
tes-vous all au restaurant? (Did you go to the restaurant?)
In the immediate future tense, you just turn the aller part around:
Vas-tu parler Paul ? (Are you going to speak to Paul?)
Allez-vous manger des frites ? (Are you going to eat chips?)