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A new technique on wide range tuning on phase locked loop

PLL (phase locked loop) is a circuit that is mainly used in modern
communication system and also in a variety of digital chips. PLL is versatile
and so it seen everywhere. Phase locked loops are widely used in radio,
telecommunication, computers and other electronic applications. It is mainly
used for the purpose of recovering a signal from the noisy communication
channel. It is also used to generate stable frequencies. Phase locked loop
mechanisms may be implemented as either analog or digital circuits. In the
communication system, the phase locked loop is used to provide signals with
same frequency and constant phase difference. Phase-locked frequency
synthesizer is used as the application of clock generator in digital circuits based
on the principle of phase locking. In addition, phase-locked loop used in clock
recovery circuit is an important application, among all others. Here, the phase
locking principle is used. Since the clock frequency varies for a large range in
the measurement process, our aim is to develop a phase locked loop with wide
tuning range. Our main work is the adoption of system-level analysis and
modelling from which the technical parameters of each module in phase-locked
loop are established. They are the 1. Verification of its functionality with
behavioural simulation. 2. Implementation of the main module in PLL,
including the voltage-controlled oscillator, self-bias circuit, full-custom digital
divider, PLL start-up circuitry and measurement circuitry, with transistor level
circuit design. A wide tuning range and low power consumption voltage-
controlled oscillator is designed by the use of self-biasing technique. Also from
fair modelling, a loop filter that meets the stability and dynamic response of
PLL is chosen. From the entire above basis, a phase locked loop with a wide
tuning range which meets the specification is designed. By applying artificial
neural network for the phase locked loop, the above all requirements can be
done and the phase locked loop with wide tuning range can be obtained. This
method makes the phase locked loop to be used in a wide variety of applications
than before.