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ASTM B151 Copper-Nickel-Zinc Alloy (Nickel Silver) and Copper-Nickel Rod and Bar

This standard is issued under the fixed designation B 151/B 151M; the number immediately
following the designation indicates the year of original adoption or, in the case of revision, the
year of last revision ! number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval !
superscript epsilon "e# indicates an editorial change since the last revision or reapproval
This specification establishes the re$uirements for copper%nic&el%'inc and copper%nic&el rod and
bar for general application produced from (opper !lloy )*+ *os (,-.--, (,-./-, (,15--,
(,15/-, (,05--, (,5/--, (,5,--, (,.0--, (,,---, and (,1/--
(opper !lloys )*+ *os (,-./- and (,15/- are for product intended for welding applications
The values stated in either inch%pound or +2 units are to be regarded separately as standard
The values stated in each system may not be exact e$uivalents; therefore, each system shall be
used independently of the other (ombining values from the two systems may result in
nonconformance with the standard
*3T456e$uirements for copper%nic&el%'inc alloy wire appear in +pecification B /-./B /-.M
Referenced Docuen!"
ASTM S!andard"#
B /-./B /-.M +pecification for (opper%*ic&el%7inc !lloy "*ic&el +ilver# 8ire and
(opper%*ic&el !lloy 8ire
B /01 +pecification for 9eneral 6e$uirements for 8rought (opper and (opper%!lloy
6od, Bar, +hapes, and :orgings
B /01M +pecification for 9eneral 6e$uirements for 8rought (opper and (opper%!lloy
6od, Bar, +hapes, and :orgings ;Metric<
B .-1 =ractice for Temper >esignations for (opper and (opper !lloys58rought and
B ?0. Terminology for (opper and (opper !lloys
4 ,5 Test Methods for (hemical !nalysis of (opper%*ic&el and (opper%*ic&el%7inc
4 ,. Test Methods for (hemical !nalysis of *ic&el%(opper !lloys
4 0,? Test Methods for (hemical !nalysis of (opper !lloys
:or definitions of terms related to copper and copper alloys, refer to Terminology B ?0.
Ma!erial" and Manufac!ure
The material of manufacture as specified in the contract or purchase order, shall be of one of
(opper !lloy )*+ *o (,-.--, (,-./-, (,15--, (,15/-, (,05--, (,5/--, (,5,--, (,.0--,
(,,---, or (,1/--
C%eical Copo"i!ion
The product shall conform to the chemical compositional re$uirements prescribed in Table 1 for
the (opper !lloy )*+ *o designation specified in the contract or purchase order
These composition limits do not preclude the presence of other elements @imits may be
established and analysis re$uired for unnamed elements by agreement between the
manufacturer and the purchaser
:or copper alloys in which 'inc or copper is specified as the remainder, 'inc or copper may be
ta&en as the difference between the sum of results for all elements determined and 1-- A
8hen all elements listed in Table 1 for a specified alloy are determined, the sum of results shall
be 115 A minimum
The standard tempers available under this specification and as defined in =ractice B .-1 areB
3.-, 3+-C5, 3+-,-, D-1, and D-0 are given in Tables /%0
*3T45The purchaser should confer with the manufacturer or supplier concerning the
availability of a specific form and temper
3ther tempers, and tempers for other products including shapes, shall be subEect to agreement
between the manufacturer and the purchaser
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