Content Literacy

Goodbye Round Robin
You are asked to respond to the following questions. Feel free to use your textbook as
you reflect on the information. he point of the assignment is to know what you ha!e
learned from this text.
". #hare in your own words the authors$ explanation of reading. %hy is it
necessary to understand this&
't is necessary to understand the importance of other oral reading strategies other
than round robin reading because there are positi!e ways to use oral reading and
negati!e ways to use oral reading. #tudents should feel comfortable reading in
front of people and there are appropriate ways to teach ways to do so. (pg. x!iii
+. %hat is round robin and why is it used in many classrooms&
Round robin reading is when students take turns reading a paragraph of the text. 't is
used in many classrooms because it takes a lot of time. 'ts what we ha!e done for many
years. 't worked for the teacher as a student so they continue to use it. 't takes too much
time to think of something else to do. (pg. x!ii p. +*
,. 's oral reading important& #hare the reasons discussed in the text.
-ral reading is important because we oral read all the time without it.
%e read a menu when ordering at a restaurant. %e read a / Guide. -ur students
need to be able to do this with ease. (pg.xix p.,*
0. %hat are some of the problems associated with round robin reading&
#tudents count to their paragraph and only comprehend that paragraph. hey don$t pay
attention to the other paragraphs. hey also can read ahead so they don$t follow along
that way also. #tudents also get anxiety knowing that they ha!e to read a paragraph in
front of their peers. (pg. x!ii p.+*
). 1ow can oral reading be used when working with struggling readers& 2escribe
two of the strategies shared and how you might use these in the classroom.
3aired Reading is a good way to pair up a struggling reader with a proficient
reader. hey get to listen to how it$s supposed to sound and get a " to " tutoring
session. hey struggling reader should point to e!ery word. (pg.4, p.+*
Read56louds are also great because students get to here how it$s supposed to
sound by listening to the teacher read aloud. his also helps oral comprehension.
(pg. 78 p."*
7. %hy is oral reading important for comprehension& 2escribe two strategies you
might use to de!elop comprehension.
6 Readers heatre is a great way to help comprehension. #tudents perform from
a story or a script. hey also find it fun and not actually reading. (pg.)7 p."*
Choral Reading is also a great way to help comprehension. his allows struggling
readers to also read with strong readers. #tudents work together to read one
single selection. hey get to underst(pg.)" p."*
4. %hat are the key words to remember when using oral reading for sharing and
performance& 2escribe two of the strategies shared and how you might use these
in the classroom.
3reparation and audience are two words to keep in mind. (pg.0, p.+*
Re!ised Radio Reading lets students rehearse the preselected portion of a text.
his allows students to become familiar with the text that they ha!e to read in
front of the class. (pg.0) p."*
#hared 9ook :xperience allows students to start reading aloud with the whole
class when they feel comfortable reading. his happens during a big book
reading for grades ;5+. he teacher can look to see who is reading and then work
with the students who are not. (pg.0< p.+*