Our school: a typical week

Our school is near the centre of our village. It is a small building: we have a
Primary School on the first floor and our Secondary School on the ground floor.
On the first floor there are five classrooms, a teachers’ room, two toilets and a big
We are on the ground floor: there are three classrooms, a computer room, a
language and media lab, a TV room, a teachers’ room, a science lab, two toilets
and a big hall where we have our morning break. Our school is very small but
there are a lot of things and a lot of rooms.
Near the school there is a football pitch where we have P.E. classes when the
weather is sunny and warm. Opposite the school there is our village gym. When
we go there, we do exercise, play volleyball or basketball.
We go to school six days a week, from Monday to Saturday, from 08:30 am to
1:30 pm. Our favourite moment is the morning break: fifteen minutes when we
can have a snack, relax and talk to each other.

Twice a week, on Monday and Thursday, we have lessons in afternoon and we
have lunch in a sort of school canteen. Our school canteen is actually the
restaurant that is near the school. There we can eat and talk to each other. Our
favourite dishes are pasta with tomato sauce and roast potatoes; the food is
delicious but we would like to have more dessert. We have an hour to have lunch

Second-year students at work
and then we go back to school at 2:30 pm for our afternoon lessons. Lessons
finish at 5:30 pm.
In our school there are a lot of subjects: Italian, History, Citizenship, Geography,
Maths, Science, English, French, Design & Technology, Music, Art, P.E. and
Religion. We have lessons for thirty-six hours a week: eight classes on Monday
and Thursday, and five on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

On Monday afternoons we usually have Art, Technology or PE lessons; on
Thursday afternoons we have Italian and Science labs: in these classes we usually
work on special projects, we sometimes make products for the winter biomarket,
do science experiments or have Drama lessons.
For our last biomarket project we made some
beautiful Christmas decorations using recycled
light bulbs, lavender bags and Christmas cards.
Every year we act in a school play. Next June we
are going to stage two plays, one for first-year and
second-year students and the other for third-year
students. The two plays we are rehearsing are “The poet and the scarecrow” and
“Marcovaldo”. It’s great fun!
Thursdays can sometimes be long and tiring. From 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm some of us
also have an European Computer Driving License (ECDL) class. We have a teacher
who explains us how to use a computer. During the second part of the lesson we
take tests on the Internet. At the end of the course we have a final test; if we
pass the test we go to the next level; if we do not pass the test we have to do it

Our special Christmas decorations

First-year Class Timetable
Our favourite time is when we go on a school trip, of course! This year first-year
and second-year students are going to the National Park of Abruzzo: a really
special place; third-year students went to Trieste last month for three days.

Collaborative article written by the students of 1^D, 2^D and 3^D.

Class 3^D