Teacher Interview 1

Teacher Interview
Melissa Gaunnac
Ivy Tech Community College

Teacher Interview 2

I did my teacher interview with my Uncle, Mike Poynter, who has taught at Bethesda
Christian School for the past 16 years. He is passionate about education and the impact it has on
students and their lives. Teaching at a Christian School gives opportunities to teach students not
only brain knowledge, but also spiritual knowledge as well. Mike has taught 9
through 12

grade Bible, along with chemistry and some math courses as well. Mike’s true passion is to
leave a lasting impact on his student’s lives.
Mike seems to have many attributes that make him a very effective teacher who has a
high success rate in his class room. He optimizes his learning time by having a variety of lesson
plans as well as in class work that helps students focus on the task at hand. He seems to have a
passion to see students succeed in their academics even if it means to spend more time on a
section of the book then planned. Some attributes in which I believe I can identify with is that I
want to see students succeed even if it requires me to spend extra time to help them until they
understand the subject. . Every math problem is a step closer to the student understanding
something even bigger than that.
Mike was very focused on the spiritual side of his job, although that is not a bad thing I
can’t identify with that because it is not something I want to teach. Mike is a very laid back
teacher and I think I am a lot more structured and someone who needs a schedule for class time
to keep us all on track. I had mike as a teacher my sophomore year and he is very much into
lectures and I would like to mix different activities into the lesson plan to keep us all awake and
ready to learn.
Values and philosophies are such a huge part of teaching and Mike seems to have really
great values and philosophies. He knows how much of an impact teachers can make on students,
Teacher Interview 3

so that is his main goal to teach the students not only the subject, but also good morals and
values as well. I would like to transfer that over into my teaching by doing the best I can at all
times with students. I know how much of impact some teachers have made on my life whether it
be bad or good.
Teaching as a profession is much more then in class teaching, its after school help, class
fundraisers, class trips, class expenses and much more that students never see. I knew how much
work being a teacher was and how little they are recognized and paid, but I never knew how
much teaching is a teachers whole life basically. I really thought about this and asked myself if I
was willing to make teaching my entire life, and I said yes because I want to make an impact on
students. I want to brighten up a child’s day just by helping him nicely on a math problem, or
coming up with a game that makes learning fun for everyone. I am excited to use my creative
skills to make learning fun and effective.
I really enjoyed interviewing Mike Poynter because I got to see his view of teaching and
what he enjoys most about his job. I learned how much work and patience you need to have for
this type of job. I truly believe it takes a very special person to teach at any level of schooling.

Teacher Interview 4

Teacher question and answer
1. Tell me about yourself as a teacher.
- I currently teach 9-12
grade Bible at Bethesda Christian School,
a. Why did you decide to enter teaching?
- I felt like it was God’s call for me to enter into teaching.
b. How many years have you been teaching?
- 16 years.
c. What grade levels and/or subject areas have you taught?
- 9-12
grade Bible, chemistry, and some math courses.
2. Tell me about your classroom and teaching strategies.
a. How is your classroom arranged to optimize learning?
- Have students sit in front and face the board.
b. What are your strategies for effective classroom management?
- Try to keep everyone engaged with conversation.
c. What types of lesson plans do you create? How do you incorporate state standards in
the curriculum?
- Look for a variety of lesson plans and class room participation. I incorporate state
standards by following the curriculum.
3. For you, what are the most exciting aspects of teaching and your work?
- Seeing graduates staying faithful to the Lord and following through in college.
4. Who has given you the most support in learning to be an effective teacher?
- The principle (Dee Tidball)
Teacher Interview 5

5. How do you encourage involvement of parents and families in the school and your
- Through email and sycamore
6. How much time do you spend outside of the work day on preparation and grading?
- 2-3 hours per day.
7. What do you think are the most difficult challenges for teachers?
- Lack of parental support for success.
8. What do you see as the pros and cons of ISTEPH? In what ways, if any, has ISTEP
affected your teaching?
- Pro’s: should always be standards for learning
Con’s : limits teachers
9. What is it that you want your students to remember about you?
- Care for them and their education.
10. How do you handle a angry parent?
- Listen, try to help and try to be truthful.
11. Do you like the way the school calendar is set up?
- I wish we went all year round with smaller but more frequent breaks throughout the
12. How do you continue your professional development? What is required to maintain your
teaching license?
- Keep up with education credits each year.
13. How do you know you are successful?
- Students demonstrate what was taught.
Teacher Interview 6

14. What advice would you give to a future teacher?
- Very good and fulfilling career, involves a lot of hard and personal work.