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My planet is one of the inner/outer planets.

Its neighbors are

on one side and on the other side.
This is a picture of my planet next to its neighbors (make sure you show the size difference- if
yours is teeny next to its neighbor, or if it is huge, illustrate it that way)

(gas or rocky )
My planet is one of the planets. This means it is made up of

Another name for my planet is and its symbol looks like

We have moons that orbit our planet, some of their names are

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Lets find out about your planet!
My planet is:

My planet Can/Cannot be seen in our sky at night. This is where/ when it can be
My planet spins or rotates like this:

One year (one full orbit around the sun) takes days.
One day (one full rotation) takes hours.
My planet is Hot/Cold the temperature at night is and
during the day it is
My planet does/does not have an atmosphere. It is made up of

I weigh on my planet. That is more/less than I
weigh on earth. The reason my weight is different is :

These are some of the interesting facts about my planet:

Here is a picture of my planet:

Some of the Way Cool Extras I looked at were:

This is a space for any other notes you want to write down: