Chart: That's Why they Pay US created by Sara Black

You are safe. Do worry about any assault, domestic violence, or extortion you may have committed.

Victim/noncustomer is left with perp/customer.

You are not safe

No leads or charges are pursued against asset/customer

Some officers show open annoyance if victim/noncustomer disturbs them by calling 911. Police Reoort ? If Police can get something against real victim/non asset, they will. Any accusation by asset is vigorously pursued.

Police tell asset to he can take victim Yes, but any details that would show crime by asset are omitted. Statements y non asset are altered 1 o show no

to Travis County Justice of the Peace for eviction. Police tell victim if asset really did commit crime against her, she would_ leave. Police assist with the constructive and illegal eviction of victim by allowing asset to behave badly without threat of arrest. JP tells victim if crime really did happen asset would be arrested and/or police report would reflect it.

Since there was no crime against you, victim services is unavailable. They may feign a call and falsely report events (see call from VS in my 2005 case).

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