Communitate Valemus


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  .   Mission   To  become  a  closely-­‐knit  fraternity  of  and  for   life-­‐long  learners  committed  to  excellence  and   to  develop  in  our  members  a  sense  of  higher   purpose.

  •  Create  and  Sustain  a  culture  of  learning.     •  Participate  in  various  competitions  and   conferences  in  the  right  spirit.   .Vision   •  A  fraternity  that  our  members  would  always   lovingly  recall  as  having  played  a  significant   role  in  shaping  their  values.

  •  Respect  for  every  individual  and  his  unique  set  of   talents.   •  Integrity  of  character.   .   •  Live  mindfully.   •  Serving  a  purpose  higher  than  oneself.  Our  questions  make  us  who  we  are.   •  Respect  for  the  community  and  environment.Values   •  Curiosity.

Let’s  put  this  in  perspective.   .

What  do  we  want  to  accomplish?   .

Your  life  can  be  limited  only  by  your   thoughts.  We  want  to  expand  your  thoughts.   .

Éspirit  dé  Corps-­‐  Relationships   that  go  beyond  plain  and  simple   professionalism.   .

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Question  Everything-­‐  The  Spirit  of   Enquiry   .

The  Startup  Spirit   Break  free  from  conventions.     Work  Hard.  Play  Hard.   .

  NO  Membership  fee.Recruitment  2014   Students  from  all  years  are  invited.     .   Tip:  Try  it  for  the  experience.   Write  a  few  questions  about       Pass  a  realistic  assessment/  interview.

  Your  ability  to  handle  pressure.   Your  ability  to  bond  with  our  team.     .   If  you  like  challenges.   Tip:  Contact/  get  recommended  by  a  team  member.  LET’S  MEET.What  about  the  interview?   We’ll  check  you  for  your  values.

Do  you  have  what  it  takes?   .

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