1empo Run-Your running pace shoula be constant ana aifficult to maintain. It shoula not be
impossible to reach the Suggestea Minutes, but the point is to push vourself to run haraer ana
faster than vou normallv woula on a aistance run. This is a great tool for increasing speea on
future aistance runs, boosting metabolism, burning calories, ana working on lower boav
strength/enaurance all in a short workout.
Amount of Reps- For the strength/weight aspects, vou shoula be using a weight that makes it
aifficult to reach the pre-aeterminea number of reps. So if a suggestion is 5 reps, the last rep
shoula be tough, but not impossible.
Barbell Complex- Complex Training is meant to use a barbell (can use aumbbells if no access to
a barbell) where vou use the same amount of weight for each exercise. You perform it similar to
circuit training where vou go through each exercise one time (with the aeterminea amount of
reps) with no rests between exercises. Rest 2 minutes between sets. Use verv low weight if vou
neea to warm up ana practice form first.
How to Find One Repetition Max. Perform Sets of ONLY 5 Reps of aesirea exercise Increase
weight each rouna bv 5-10 Pounas Total Onlv Attempt to start with a weight near vour 1RM so
vou ao not perform too manv sets. Once vou reach a set vou struggle to perform 5 Reps (Refer
to Amount of Reps Explainea) then use Eplev Formula. If vou fail to reach 5 reps then use
previous sets weight as vour stanaara.
If is the number of repetitions performea ana is the amount of weight usea
Epley Formula
Example: Bench Press Sets of 5 Reps 155, 165, 175 (Strugglea to perform fifth rep at 175,
but accomplishea rep) Use 175 as weight usea.
1RM ÷ [(175*5)/30{· 175 ÷ 205 Pounas
If exercise calls for 80º of 1RM on Bench Press ÷ .8*205 ÷ 165 Pounas
Before performing program, find 1RM's using formuIa for foIIowing exercises: Back Squat,
Deadlift, Bench Press, Push Press, Hang Clean. FOR ALL OTHER EXERCISES, USE "AMOUNT OF
Squat Pyramid Explained -

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