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- Tidal energy is a way of hydroelectric power.

- Uranium Ore is mined, enriched, and used in nuclear power plants.

- Nuclear Power: Method of producing electricity by utilizing controlled
nuclear fission. Its reaction is initiated in a nuclear reactor and heat from the
reaction is used to generate electricity.
- Photovoltaic cells are thin layers of silicon imbedded with metals that used
for solar power.
- Advantages: Higher energy content.
- Disadvantages: Deforestations.
- Energy from biomass produced by partially burning wood to remove
- Energy from biomass is energy derived by directly burning plant material
and animal waste, or by burning gasses and fuels produced from plant
material and animal waste.
- Turbine is a device that looks like a wind mill.
- The rotational movement of the turbine will produce electricity to generator.
- You can spin a turbine by: steam, wind, and moving water.
- Hydroelectric Power" Moving Water electricity production.
Hydroelectric Dams are used.
- When sunlight strikes the photovoltaic cells, the PV cell electrons are
produced to make electricity.
- The Turbine is connected to an electrical generator that produces electricity
as long as the turbine is spinning.
- Windmills or turbines are turned by the power of the wind clean energy.
- Geothermal Power: Using the heat stored underground to produce
electricity, heat water, heat air, and cool buildings.
- Geothermal power is a small percentage (%) of worldwide energy