The Fire Burns

The fire burns When I’m unaware When I forget Those silent, hidden fears It licks my throat And won’t hold back I can’t replenish Its ashen track The fire burns In the chills of winter When its glory can pierce you Like a splinter When you’re trying to stand up While you’re being held down Though you can’t feel the safety Of being on ground The fire burns After feeling so wired But then the looming smoke Makes your eyes feel tired So you cough and you choke Until your legs crumple forward And the only offered hand Is the blade of a sword The fire burns And it starts in my feet But then it rises higher ‘Till its burning is complete And the words stuck inside See no other way out So they push and they push

Until they spill from my mouth The fire burns Not when I’m alone Wood can’t start a fire All on its own I needed a match To be struck to my face But the one who burns fastest Loses the race -Katie

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