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1. The ratio of blue to red marbles is 16 to 9. If there are 96 blue marbles in the box then
how many of the following is in the box?
2. A total of 450 is divided into equal shares. If Joshue receives 4 shares, Barbie receives 3
shares and Jake receives the remaining two shares, how much money did Jake receive?
3. A 6 ft tall tent standing next to a cardboard box casts a 9 ft shadow. If the cardboard box
casts a shadow that is 6 ft long then how tall is it?
4. A model house is 12 cm wide. If it was built with a scale of 3 cm : 4 m then how wide is
the real house?
1. A package of pens contain 1 red, 2 blue and 3 black. If there are 60 pens all in all, how
many black pens are there?
2. Ana, Jake and Grace divided the cost of a sack of apples with the ratio of 2:5:7
respectively. If there were 84 apples costing 5 pesos each, how much did Jake pay?
1. A test has 20 questions. If peter gets 80% correct, how many questions did peter missed?
2. In a school, 25 % of the teachers teach basic math. If there are 50 basic math teachers,
how many teachers are there in the school?
3. 24 students in a class took an algebra test. If 18 students passed the test, what percent do
not pass?

1. blue marbles = 54, red marbles = 96, total marbles = 150
2. Jake receives 100
3. The box is 4 feet tall
4. The house is 16 meters
1. There are 30 black pens
2. Jake paid 150 for 30 apples
1. He missed 4 questions
2. There are 200 teachers in school
3. 25% did not pass the test