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Kerala , is an Indian state located on the Malabar coast of south-west India

It was formed on 1 November 1956 by the States eor!anisation "ct by combinin!

various Malayalam s#ea$in! re!ions%
Kerala has the hi!hest &uman 'evelo#ment Inde(
)he state has the hi!hest literacy rate in India with 9*%91 #ercent
It ho#es to be the first e-literate state in India throu!h the state run "$shaya #ro+ect
)he state recently became and is currently the only one to have ban$in! facilities in
every villa!e
" survey conducted in ,--5 by )rans#arency International ran$ed Kerala as the least
corru#t state in the country
Kerala is also ran$ed as India.s cleanest state%
Kerala has witnessed si!nificant mi!ration of its #eo#le, es#ecially to the /ersian 0ulf
countries durin! the Kerala 0ulf boom and is heavily de#endent on remittances from its
lar!e Malayali e(#atriate community
Kerala is a to# tourist destination in India
Kerala has unicameral !ovt%
1vidence of Kerala.s early human occu#ation includes 'olmens of the Neolithic era, in
the Marayur area%
)he use of a s#ecific Indus scri#t #icto!ram in these caves su!!ests some relationshi#
with the Indus 2alley 3ivili4ation durin! the late 5ron4e "!e and early Iron a!e
Kerala was a ma+or s#ice e(#orter as early as *,--- 531, accordin! to Sumerian