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Year/Class 5 Duration : 60 minutes

Learning Area 1. Microorganism
Learning Objectives 1.1 Understanding that microorganism is a living thing
Learning Outcomes

2.2.4 state types of microorganisms.
2.2.5 state that yeast is an example of microorganism.
2.2.6 state that microorganism breathes.
2.2.7 state that microorganism grows.
Science rocess
Com"aring# "re$icting
1. Pupils view video showing various types of microorganism, e.g. bacteria,
virus, fungi and protozoa.
2. Pupils make a qualitative comparison between the size of microorganism
and that of human and conclude that microorganism is very tiny.
3. Pupils discuss that yeast is a fungi, an example of microorganism.
4. Pupils observe the effect of yeast on dough and infer that microorganism
Breathes and causes the dough to rise.