Wind Tunnel Questions

1. What is a wind tunnel?
A wind tunnel is a tube or tunnel. It has a place to put an aircraft or part of an
aircraft. Air moves like the wind through the tunnel.
2. What is a wind tunnel used for?
A wind tunnel is used to learn more about how air flows around an aircraft or
part of an aircraft. This information is used to make aircraft that fly better,
faster, or more quietly.
3. How big is a wind tunnel?
A wind tunnel can be as large as a football stadium. It can hold a full size
jetliner. It can be as small as a kitchen oven. The small wind tunnels test
miniature aircraft models.
4. What does a wind tunnel look like inside?
All wind tunnels have the same five basic parts. It has a vent where air comes
in. A contraction cone that moves the air from a bigger area toward the
smaller test section. The test section is where the aircraft is mounted. The air
moves through the test section and then through the diffuser. As it flows
through the diffuser, it spreads out and flows slower. The drive section holds
the fans. The fans pull the air through the wind tunnel.
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