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SUBJECT : English

FOCUS : Listening And Speaking

THEME : World of knoledge
TO!"C : Far# ani#als
LEA$%"%& STA%'A$' : ()()( *a+, ()-)(
OBJECT".E : B/ the end of the lesson, p0pils ill 1e a1le to
i+ respond to si#ple 20estions 1ased on the pi3t0res
ii+ re3ite a song ith the 3orre3t pron0n3iation and rh/th#

T"ME : 45 #in0tes
TEACH"%& A"'S : !i3t0re 3ards, ani#als p066le
ACT"."T"ES :
() !la/ re3orded so0nd)
7) !0pils listen and g0ess na#e of ani#als)
-) !0pils anser WH 20estions 1ased on the so0nd)
8) Sho pi3t0res and p0pils #ake so0nd of that ani#als)
9) !la/ re3orded so0nd again)
4) !0pils identif/ the so0nd heard and pi3k the 3orre3t pi3t0res)
:) !0pils listen to the song)
;) $e3ite ith a3tion and p0pils follo)
<) Sho pi3t0res and ask =WH> 20estions)
(5) Ea3h gro0p is gi?en a set of 8 @igsa p066le)
(() !0pils arrange the# to for# pi3t0res)
(7) !0pils na#ing the ani#als and #ake so0nd ith a3tion)
a+ !0pils na#e the so0nd of ani#als)
1+ !0pils anser =WH> 20estions)
3+ Sing a song ith 3orre3t pron0n3iation and rh/th#)
CCE : M"
A.A : Jigsa p066le, 3d, pi3t0res)