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Kelly Eckersley

1, 2, 3, 4 1. Increase knowledge of teaching students with diverse
linguistic, cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds:
Teaching students from diverse backgrounds is something I
would like to increase my knowledge and experience in. These
students have different needs from the mainstream students
and their teachers need to be aware of these needs to allow
the students to reach their potential.
I will utilise teaching colleagues as my first
point of call to improve my knowledge of
teaching this group of students. I have
several students coming from diverse
linguistic and cultural regions in my
practicum class this year. My goal is to focus
on these students and how the associate
teacher works with them, to gather further
May - June
1, 2 2. Continue to increase knowledge of teaching strategies for
teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students:
This is an area I am very interested in and have so far not had
any experience with Indigenous students on practicum.
I will utilise teaching colleagues as my first
point of call to improve my knowledge of
teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
students. My practicum class this year has
one Indigenous student and my goal is to
focus on this student's learning and how the
associate teacher works with him, to gather
further knowledge.
May - June
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 3. Gain more experience with the use of numeracy teaching
I understand the importance of teaching literacy and numeracy
in school. I am particularly interested in numeracy and
strategies for teaching it.
I have managed to secure a volunteer
position at St Martin's Primary School, Carina
- working on enrichment programs.
Term 3, 2014
3 4. Increase ability to establish challenging learning goals:
Establishing challenging learning for students is vital for
effective learning. These goals need to be visible for the
students so they have a clear understanding of expectations.
I plan to work on this attribute whilst on
practicum this year. I will be working with a
multi-age Year 5/6/7 class and feel it will be
a good opportunity to establish goals with a
wide range of differentiation.
3 5. Evaluate and improve teaching programs:
Evaluation of teaching programs to improve their effectiveness
is vital to good teaching.
This is an attribute I will work on continually
as a practicing teacher. I plan to use
strategies such as assessment of teaching,
reflection and initially I would work with a
mentor teacher.
4 6. Maintain student safety and wellbeing Enroll in a First Aid Course
(Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
3-6 months
1, 2, 4, 6 7. Create and maintain supportive and safe classroom
Being prepared and organised is something I will strive for as a
beginning teacher. This conference is something I would
endeavour to attend.
Beginning and Establishing Teachers
Association (BETA): Thinking On Your Feet
Conference 2014
This conference for supply, contract and pre-
service teachers will offer workshops
presented by experienced teachers offering
practical strategies to be incorporated
during practicum/internships and when on
supply/contract days
16th August