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Boardwalk or Bust?!

Galleon Inn Broad Haven, Monday May 12th at Upstairs Dining Room
You may have seen the recent article in the Havens Community Diary detailing the
proposed plan for the Slash Pond Boardwalk. If no Group is formed to take an
alternative plan forward the following proposal will go ahead: 1. Pembrokeshire County
Council will put together a plan to drain and tarmac the path from the Swanswell
footpath to the Viewing Area.
This work will be added to their 2014/15 Maintenance Programme.
2. The Community Council will arrange for any necessary repairs to be done to the
Viewing Area.
3. Pembrokeshire County Council will be contacted for advice on the best method to
remove the remainder of the walk.
4. The owners of the land will be advised that we have been unable to raise funding
and in accordance with the conditions of the lease we will remove the structure to
ensure no liability risk to them.
It appears that a large
majority of the existing walk
will be lost.
What will remain is edged
But there could be an
alterative plan that could
succeed with local support
Please attend this meeting on Monday 12th if you have an interest in the fate of the
boardwalk. The Aim of the Boardwalk Group initially would be to discuss the
feasibility and issues of a minor repairs program to get the boardwalk safe & re-
opened with a view to arranging & implementing a long term
maintenance/replacement programme working with PLANED to access funding.
If enough people attend on May 12th and Sign Up we can form a Boardwalk
Group. In support of this endeavour, Ian Whitby will be there to represent HCC and
Cathryn from PLANED . The aim on the night will be to: Sign up members of the
group, nominate a Chairperson ? Arrange the next meeting to discuss the nitty gritty
where the boardwalk insurance documents and the survey will be available for the
group to consider fully its options and actions.
You are Invited to come along to :