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Standard ways to answer section B.

1. State the Purpose / Aim...

a. The answer should be...
To investigate the relationship between WTC and WTO.

Identify WTC and WTO before answer the question.

WTC What to change
WTO What to Observe

2. Observation
a. Only state what you see in an investigation
b. No need to explain WHY.
c. Examples: Plant A is healthy, plant B is not healthy.

3. State the Reason / Inference...
a. You should explain the reason WHY...
b. Examples: Because Plant A gets enough water, Plant B does not.

4. Variables
a. What is changed? (WTC)
What is changed in the investigation or what is different.

b. What is observed? (WTO)
What is recorded in the investigation.

c. What is kept same? (WKS)
What remains the same or Unchanged.

5. The relationship
a. Think about the connection between variables.
When one variable WTC , increases or decreases, the other variable WTO
increases or decreases. When

6. Trend (the pattern of data given)
a. Normally a one word answer. Decreases or I ncreases.
b. Some times can be I ncreases and then decreases or decreases and then increases
c. Some time can be Constant (if data given is unchanged) ( or then constant)

7. Predict
a. To make a forecast based on data given.

8. Conclusion
a. Sum up the result.
b. If one variable WTC , increases or decreases, the other variable WTO
Increases or decreases If
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