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Name Nelson Brownell Date 4/15/14
Level 9-12 Subject Tec !d" #!D Scool $rrowead %&' Scool
1" List any individual needs for students in the class. ()om*onent 1b+
2" Objectives for todays lesson and how do these objectives fit with the overall unit
plan? ()om*onent 1c+ Describe your differentiation plan to achieve the objectives of
this lesson.
," Why are these objectives suitable for this group of students? ()om*onent 1c+
4" How do these objectives support the districts curriculum? ()om*onent 1a - 1c+
5" How do you plan to engage students in the content? ()om*onent 1e+
." What instructional resources will you use? ()om*onent 1d+
/" How do you plan to assess student achievement of the objectives? ()om*onent 10+
1+ 1at advanta'e does a )om*uter $&ded Des&'n and Dra0t&n' ()$D+ *rov&de over trad&t&onal *a*er and *enc&l des&'n2
2+ %ow does te mater&al o0 a *roduct &m*act te des&'n o0 te *roduct2
34 d&00erent&at&on *lan &s to lecture on a 5ower5o&nt about dens&t46 ten *a&r te students u* to wor7 on a dens&t4 lab wor7seet"
Tese object&ves are su&table 0or t&s 'rou* o0 students because te4 7now ow to wor7 &n teams to com*lete a common 'oal"
Te4 also w&ll be able to ta7e trou' notes on te lecture and be able to cr&t&call4 t&n7 about ow te4 can a**l4 t&s to te&r
dens&t4 lab wor7seet"
Tese object&ves su**ort te d&str&ct8s curr&culum b4 creat&n' a base &n 21
)entur4 Learn&n'" T&s &s done b4 ma7&n' te
students cr&t&call4 t&n76 commun&cate and collaborate &n *a&rs6 anal49e and a**l4 te &n0ormat&on '&ven to tem6 and b4 us&n'
#nventor to bac7 u* te&r 0&nd&n's" Students w&ll be en'a'ed w&t te &nstructor dur&n' te lecture and also w&t *eers dur&n' te
lab *ort&on" T&s w&ll ten create an env&ronment 0or learn&n' &n te 7nowled'e6 s7&lls and d&s*os&t&on 'oal o0 te scool"
# *lan on 'ett&n' te students en'a'ed b4 ta7&n' notes dur&n' te lecture" $lso6 # *lan on as7&n' *rob&n' :uest&ons dur&n' te
lecture to ma7e sure tat te students 'a&n an understand&n' o0 were tese conce*ts are used trou'out te world" To 'et te
students to 0ull4 understand and en'a'ed # *lan to 'et tem &nvolved w&t a *artner &n a lab" T&s lab te4 w&ll ave to use *r&or6
learned6 7nowled'e and a**l4 &t to te wor7seet tat te4 are '&ven"
# w&ll use te 5roject Lead te 1a4 webs&te or te L3S" # w&ll use te&r ;n&t 5", 5ower5o&nt and te&r 5", 1or7seet" # w&ll also
use te *rov&ded 5LT1 mater&als 0or te dens&t4 lab"
Name<<<<<<Nelson Brownell<<<<<<<<<<<< Scool<<<$rrowead %&' Scool<<<
Grade Level<<<<<9-12<<<<<< Subject<<Tec !d" #!D<< Date<4/15/14<<<<<<<<<<<
ST;D!NTS ()om*onents 1b6 1a+
Descr&be students and/or 'rou*s o0 students=
- )aracter&st&cs
>verall students are 'ood wor7ers" ?now wat &s e@*ected and wor7 ard on *rojects"
- Learn&n' St4les - 3odal&t&es
Students &n m4 class ave d&00erent learn&n' st4les" Te4 are 7&nestet&c6 estet&c6 and
- S7&lls and ?nowled'e
Students &n m4 class ave a w&de var&et4 o0 s7&lls tat ran'e 0rom stron' mat and sc&ence
s7&lls6 to stron' wr&t&n' and readers"
- #nterests and )ultural Bac7'rounds
3ost o0 m4 students ave a stron' &nterest &n en'&neer&n'"
#NSTA;)T#>N$L G>$LS ()om*onent 1c+
1at do # want students to learn (conce*ts and/or content+2
Students sould learn te d&00erence between calculat&n' 2D and ,D volume"
Students sould understand te bene0&ts o0 wor7&n' on a )$D *ro'ram over *a*er and
Students sould 'a&n an understand&n' o0 ow d&00erent mater&al w&ll a00ect te cost o0 a
mac&ned *art"
1at do # want students to be able to do2
Students sould be able to calculate te volume6 mass6 and dens&t4 o0 object"
Students sould be able to 0&nd te mass o0 an &rre'ular object b4 water d&s*lacement"
Students sould be able to wor7 w&t anoter student to accom*l&s te dens&t4 lab"
#NSTA;)T#>N ()om*onent 1e+
%ow do # *lan to en'a'e m4 students &n te content2 34 lesson *lan w&ll &nclude=
- Deta&ls o0 te lesson structure
# w&ll lecture students on te dens&t4 5ower5o&nt tat 5LT1 '&ves but at te same t&me
as7 students to t&n7 cr&t&call4 b4 as7&n' tem &n de*t :uest&ons"
# w&ll 'et students en'a'ed b4 wor7&n' &n *a&rs on te dens&t4 lab"
- Se:uence o0 te content and/or conce*ts
Ste* one6 would be to &ntroduce to te class wat we are do&n' 0or te da4 and as7 wat
te4 7now about dens&t4"
Ne@t6 would be to *resent te 5ower5o&nt to te class w&le te4 ta7e notes"
B&nall46 # would *a&r eac student u* and te4 would wor7 on te dens&t4 lab to'eter"
# w&ll as7 students trou'out te lecture to t&n7 cr&t&call4 about w4 and were en'&neers w&ll use tese conce*ts &n te&r
des&'n" # w&ll as7 d&00erent students b4 call&n' on tem to answer a :uest&on tat ma7es tem *roblem solve a solut&on" # w&ll also
'rade te wor7seet tat te4 do dur&n' te lab to see &0 te4 are all 'ras*&n' te conce*ts tat we went trou' as a class"
- 5ro'ress&on o0 learn&n' act&v&t&es as te4 relate to te &nstruct&onal
Students w&ll be as7ed to ma7e objects on Sol&d1or7s #nventor and use te #*ro*ert&es to
0&nd te dens&t4 o0 d&00erent objects"
Students w&ll also be as7ed to loo7 u* *r&ces 0or eac mater&al to see &0 tese are *laus&ble
mater&als 0or tese objects"
- T&me est&mates 0or eac act&v&t4
# *lan on te lecture ta7&n' 25-,5 m&nutes"
# would ten &ntroduce and sow te students wat te4 w&ll need to 'et done ne@t class"
Te ne@t class would be wor7&n' on te dens&t4 lab"
- 5roo0 tat learn&n' act&v&t&es are relevant to students
Students w&ll need to be able to calculate mass6 we&'t and volume trou'out te&r l&0e"
Te4 w&ll use tese 0ormulas &n en'&neer&n'6 coo7&n'6 med&cal 0&eld6 and just 7now ow a
scale calculates te&r we&'t"
)>NT!NT ST$ND$ADS ()om*onents 1a6 1c+
%ow do m4 'oals relate to broader curr&culum 'oals &n te d&sc&*l&ne as a wole
or &n oter d&sc&*l&nes2
T&s lecture and lab w&ll el* students be able to see volume and dens&t4 &n a d&00erent
wa4 ten just te teoret&cal vers&on tat mat and sc&ence use" $lso6 t&s w&ll su**lement
an4 learn&n' tat te students d&d &n mat and sc&ence and re&n0orce tese conce*ts o0
dens&t4 and volume"
%ow do m4 'oals su**ort te d&str&ct8s curr&culum6 state 0ramewor7s6 and content
$s 0ar as te correlat&on to te 1&scons&n )ommon )areer Tecn&cal Standards are but
not l&m&ted to= 4)1"a"9"6 4),"a"9"6 4),"b"/"6 and )D1"b"5"
$s 0ar as te correlat&on to te 1&scons&n Standard 0or Tecnolo'4 and !n'&neer&n' are
but not l&m&ted to= BB1"b"5"6 !NG5"a"/"6 !NG."b","6
#NSTA;)T#>N$L 3$T!A#$L/A!S>;A)!S ()om*onents 1d6 1b+
1at &nstruct&onal mater&als w&ll # use2
See wor7seet"
5ower5o&nt6 Smart Board6 and Smart S4nc"
1at &nstruct&onal resources w&ll # use2
5LT1 webs&te (L3S+
%ow w&ll # ada*t mater&als/resources to te learn&n' needs o0 m4 students2
# w&ll be ava&lable and wal7 around te class to el* an4 student ow needs el*" $lso6 #
w&ll s*l&t te 'rou* u* so tat al0 o0 te students w&ll be wor7&n' on te 'raduated
c4l&nders and te oter al0 w&ll be wor7&n' w&t d&al cal&*ers"
$SS!SS3!NT ()om*onent 10+
%ow w&ll # assess student ac&evement o0 te 'oals2
Grade te ass&'nment '&ve to te students 0or te dens&t4 lab"
$s7 students to evaluate ow te&r teamwor7 went"
1al7 around te classroom and assess ow students are *art&c&*at&n' and learn&n'"
1at *rocedures w&ll # use2
3a7e students res*ons&ble 0or 'ett&n' te ass&'nment turned &n on t&me"
# w&ll 'rade te ass&'nment out o0 ten *o&nts w&t a mult&*l&er o0 two" T&s &s to
com*ensate 0or te two class *er&ods used to com*lete te ass&'nment"
%ow w&ll # ma7e use o0 te results o0 te assessment2
G&ve a 0alse Cdue dateD6 assess wat # ave and ma7e can'es or re-teac somet&n' tat
a lot o0 students stru''led w&t"
EBased on )arlotte Dan&elson8s !ramewor" for #eaching (199.+