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(By Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan, Founder, Gul Hayat Institute)

My research article on the English Poetry of Sindh, uploaded on my website
( is interesting in a way that, the task gave me chance to
collect and compile English Poetry composed in early days of British rule in Sindh.
Though, only one article was written to introduce the topic, whereas handsome
collection of poetry of various poets is preserved in Gul Hayat Institue and can be
compiled in a Book form. Apart from collecting material on the English poetry, I also
collected material on English Dramas staged in Sindh in early days of the British Period.
Military men were the first those stage dramas. They were followed by Dramatic
companies of united India. It gave inspiration to local people to form their Dramatic
Clubs and Societies and D.J.College of Karachi was the pioneer for setting tradition of
staging dramas.
Some of Dramatic Companies, prior to the formation of D.J.College Literary & Dramic
Society were:
1. The Karachi Amateur
2. The Fawlett Comedy Company,
3. The Strand Comedy Company,
4. The Bandmann Comedy Company,
5. The Miss Rose Towers Company,
6. The Parsi Theatre of Karachi,
7. The Karachi Friends in need society,
8. The Peni Reading & Dramatic Society,
9. The Dramatic Club of Golester Regment,
10. The S.W. Borders Regmental Dramatic Club,
I will do my level best to share information on some important Dramas staged by above
cited and other Companies. If any body is interested to conduct research on this
topic, she/ he will be supported and provided material accordingly.