CII – Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre (CII – Godrej

A division of CII, is India’s premier developmental
institution, offering advisory services to the industry on
environmental aspects and works in the areas of green
buildings, energy efficiency, water management, renewable
energy, Green Business Incubation and climate change
activities. The centre sensitises key stakeholders to
embrace green practices and facilitates market
transformation, paving way for India to become one of the
global leaders in green businesses by 2015.
The centre is housed in a green building which received the
coveted LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental
Design) Platinum rating in 2003. This was the first platinum
rated Green Building outside of the U.S. and also the first in
India. The Centre was inaugurated by H.E Shri A P J Abdul
Kalam, the then President of India, on July 14, 2004.
CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre is a unique and
successful model of public-private partnership between the
Government of Andhra Pradesh, Godrej & Boyce Mfg Ltd and
the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), with the technical
support of USAID.

CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre is the “ Centre of
Excellence ” of the Confederation of Indian Industry for
Energy Efficiency, Green Buildings , Renewable Energy,
Water, Environment & Recycling and Climate Change
activities in India .
Efforts have been made to make it interesting for HVAC
Engineers as well. This article provides a brief overview
about the Techno-commercial aspects of use of Wind towers
in Green Business Centre, Hyderabad, India and a possible
application of similar Technology for Modern Residential /
commercial Buildings in Indian sub-continent 0.1 Brief Facts:
• Green Business Centre,Hyderabad is recognized as a
World’s Greenest Building and has a Platinum rating (version
II) from LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental
design, USGBC)
• Wind towers at GBC fall under of Energy and Atmosphere
saving / conservation systems of LEED rating. LEED rating
system awards 27% importance to Energy and atmosphere.
• Two Wind towers are a part of Air conditioning system of a
300 seat Auditorium at GBC (Green Business
Centre, Hyderabad)
• It is unique mix of ancient Indian Air cooling methods and
Modern Air conditioning Technology.
• This is an excellent use of Zero-energy Technique (or
passive cooling) for Lowering the Fresh air temperature in
Air conditioning system 0.2 Thermal comfort

Type Business centre
Green Building
Location Hyderabad, India
Completed 2004
Design team
Architect Karan Grover

Number of people that directly benefit from the project:

The idea of green buildings is new to India. The vast and
rapidly expanding construction industry is largely unaware
about green building technologies as a viable option. Green
Buildings ensure that waste is minimised at every stage
during the construction and operation of the building,
resulting in low costs.
Ideas from this initiative can enormously benefit all
construction companies and also the people who are
residing or working in them. There is immediate potential for
green buildings to become a reality for millions of people
working as employees in all state capitals in India.

Benefits for individuals / society / economy / environment:

Individuals/ society cleaner and healthier work environment
for people working in green buildings.The economy Lower
cost of construction, significant reduction in use of energy,
wood and water during construction. Green Buildings
ensure that waste is minimised at every stage during the
construction and operation of the building, resulting in low
costs. Green Building applies to both existing and new
constructions, from a simple commercial space to large
development projects.Lower maintenance cost reduction in
amount of energy consumed for lights, heating and cooling
the building.The environment Reduced green house
emissions and energy consumption in the long run.

Effects of the project:

CII-Godrej GBC building center works in partnership with
government of Andhra Pradesh. It also has close links with
the US Green Building Council a leading company working in
the area of green building services in the world. The
company also has links with other corporates in India. This
initiative makes it possible for the construction sector in
India to make green buildings a reality. Services provided by
CII-Godrej GBC building center have opened the minds of
other companies in the public and private sectors to the
idea of green buildings. This initiative could have a major
impact on energy efficiency and waste management in the
construction sector. It could successfully reduce the
amount of natural resources depleted in the by the
construction industry. The technology offers the industry a
chance to have a green corporate image.


individuals / society / - Availability of more environment
friendly working environments that has been known to
increase occupant comfort and improve their productivity.
The health and safety of occupants is also enhanced. Green
Buildings increase occupant performance by 6 - 26%; they
can reduce respiratory diseases by 9 - 20%; Green Building
also shown 15% less absenteeism compared to those in
other buildings.


The concept of green buildings itself is a step toward
sustainability because it reduces negative influence which a
typical cosntruction company would otherwise have on the
environment. The ecological, social and economic
advantages of green buildings have been discussed above.

Leverage of the project:

CII-Godrej GBC building center has been awarded the
coveted Platinum Rating from US Green Building Council
(USGBC) under their Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design (LEED) programme. This is the first
'Platinum Rated' building outside USA and the third in the
Services Offered by CII-Godrej GBC
CII-Godrej GBC facilitates industries in becoming greener
and also profitable through the following range of services:
 The centre rates buildings on the basis of the LEED
rating process.
 In the area of energy Energy Efficiency the company
o Comprehensive Energy audit
o Facilitating World Class Energy Efficiency
o Developing Specific Energy Consumption norms
 Facilitating higher investments from corporate in
Renewable Energy sector
 It also carries our green Audits which help industries in
optimizing energy , water and chemical usage and
incorporating waste management & recycling
These services and partnerships of the company all help
provide leverage for wider use of clean energy applications.

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