Stretching exercises

1. Stretches arm muscles and shoulders
Keep your feet comfortable apart, trunk upright. Firstly, raise your right hand upright.
Secondly, place your palm on the upper back. Then, with your left hand pull the right elbow
slightly inward. Finally, when the pull is felt in your arm muscles and shoulders, hold for 10-0
seconds. !reathe out. "epeat three times. "epeat e#ercise with the other hand.
2. Stretches upper back muscles and shoulders, to reduce the risk of injuries
Stand with your feet wide apart$ keep your back straight. First, clasp your hands behind.
Second, lean forward and pull your arms o%erhead. Then, when the pressure is felt by your
shoulders and upper back muscles, hold for 10 seconds. !reathe out. "epeat at least twice.
3. Twisting of the trunk, useful for hips and back mobility
Stand with your feet comfortably apart$ keep your trunk upright. Support yourself with your
hands on your hips. Twist your trunk to the right, as much as your back allows it. Then, when
pull is felt in your back and shoulders, hold for 10-0 seconds. !reathe out. "epeat at least twice.
"epeat the e#ercise to the other side.
4. Stretches abdomen muscles
&ie on your stomach. Keep your legs straight, together and your back straight. Firstly,
support yourself with your elbows on the ground$ the forearms must point straight forward.
Secondly, lift your hips off the ground. Finally, when pull is felt in your abdomen muscles, keep
your position for 1'-(0 seconds. !reathe out. "epeat at least twice.
. Stretches calf and hamstrings muscles
Sit on the ground. Stretch your left leg forward and bend your right leg outward, with the
knee on the floor. Keep your back straight$ put your chest on your left knee and try to touch your
toe with your hands. )hen a pull is felt on your calf and hamstrings muscles, hold for 10-0.
!reathe out. "epeat at least twice. "epeat with opposite leg.

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