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Emily Daigle

Professor Suk
Education Field Experience EDUC 230-01
Spring 2014
Rationale Statement

Statement of Standard Seven Special Needs

Teachers shall adapt and modify instruction to accommodate the special learning needs of all
students. (NJPTSB, 2004, pg 15)

Name of Artifact: Lesson Plan #2 with Modifications

Date of Artifact: April 2014

Course: Education Field Experience EDUC 230-01

Rationale Statement:
For this artifact, we wrote another lesson plan. However this lesson plan had to include
how we would modify the lesson plan for special needs students. It was interesting to think about
how to modify a lesson for a student with special needs or with an IEP because I didnt have one
when I was in school so I'm not really sure what kinds of modifications are given to students.
However I pulled from what I saw happening in my field observations. One thing that I used was
pairing a special education student with a general education student, so they will have a buddy to
help them understand the work being assigned. Another thing I used was giving an altered note
packet, which gives the student the opportunity to listen to the material and let it sink in, instead
of worrying about filling in all of the answers.
I think something from the NJPTSB that I was keeping in mind while writing this lesson
plan was Dispositions 7.4, which reads, The belief that children and adolescents with special
needs can learn at high levels and achieve success, (NJPTSB, 2004, pg 15). I wasnt altering the
lesson a great deal for them, I instead altered the tools they used during the lesson to aid them in
in their learning. I was also keeping differentiated instruction in mind while writing this lesson
plan because I know that all students learn in different ways. That applies to Performances 7.8
that reads, Meet the needs of all learners by using a wide range of teaching techniques to
accommodate and modify strategies, services and resources, including technology and inclusive
educational practices and collaborative partnerships, (NJPTSB, 2004, pg 15). By using many
different means of instruction, it appeals to multiple learning types and everyone is being given
equal opportunity to understand the material being presented.
Once I am in my professional career and writing modifications for students, I am sure
that I will have a better idea of what they need from me in order to succeed but as a pre-service
educator I was kind of making it up as I went along. That being said, I think I would still use this
lesson plan in my future classroom, even though I would have to alter it to fit in a high school
classroom as opposed to the middle school class it was written for.

Daigle 2
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