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EWE - Achieving Marketing & Sales Goals Websites

EWE - Achieving Marketing & Sales Goals Websites

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Published by Kris Chislett

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Published by: Kris Chislett on May 05, 2014
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Achieving Marketing & Sales Goals with Social Media Tools

Why Your Website Stinks and
What You Can Do About It!
Kris Chislett
Website Design,
Online Strategy &
Content Creation
KrisChislett.com &
How “Current” is Your Website?

Is your website layout clean and simple?

Did you design it yourself?

Is your site optimied for mobile de!ices?

Do you list clear directions to your

Is your contact info clear?
"he #ele!ance of “$oing %obile&”
'()** +eople ,earching for “+ennsyl!ania
Wineries” -rom %obile De!ices&
Website Content
“XXXXXXXXX is a small family winery.
We are dedicated to roducin! remium wine from
XXXXXXXXX "s finest #ineyards. We belie#e that
wine is made in the #ineyard and stri#e to e$ress
each of our sites in our wines%.blah blah blah&
Does the majority of your content read like
Website Content
• .re your images of a high

Do you ha!e embedded “social
media share buttons”?

Do you ha!e lin0s to your social
media accounts1re!iew sites?
• Is there a blog on your website?
“2nline 3isibility” -or Your Website

Ha!e you built a
$oogle +laces

How does your
website ran0 in
$oogle searches?
“2nline 3isibility” -or Your Website
• Do you ha!e “citation listings” on
the ma4or websites?

Do you ha!e any re!iews online?
Ha!e you
responded to them?
• Is the information on your $oogle
+laces page and citation listings
accurate and -566Y filled out?

-ocus more on your online content&

.t the foundation of good content is a great website&

%a0e online mar0eting accountable for re!enue&

%a0e social media and your website wor0 for you&

Consider bringing in /ualified outside help&
"han0s for listening7
.ny 8uestions?
KrisChislett.com & BlogYourWine.com
Website Design,
Online Strategy &
Content Creation

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