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To Whom It May Concern,

Bryce Ketcheson has all of the tools needed to become a successful teacher. In my many years
of teaching I have not seen a University student as prepared to teach as Bryce Ketcheson. Bryce
has the tools needed to be an excellent teacher and I know that he will make a positive
contribution to any school.
One of Bryces many impressive qualities is his ability to meticulously plan each lesson. Bryce is
not afraid of the hard work required to ensure that each lesson is a relevant learning
experience for all students. Bryce can follow strict timelines and completes topics and units on
time. Bryce, in his preparation, takes into account students with different learning styles and
students who require accommodations and modifications. Bryce presents at the front of the
class with enthusiasm and confidence. He is an engaging speaker that can keep the attention of
even the most apathetic students. Bryce uses appropriate humor, voice inflection and thought
provoking discussion questions during his lectures which keep students focused.
Bryce has an excellent classroom management style. Bryce develops positive relationships
quickly with students and students know they have an advocate in Mr. Ketcheson. Bryces easy
going style creates a classroom environment where students feel safe, and comfortable to
express their ideas and opinions. Bryce takes the time necessary to get to know each student
and their interests; quite simply Bryce connects with students. Bryce is very calm under duress
and handles difficult behavioral issues with confidence and poise. Bryce can head off potential
classroom management issues before they begin because of his keen insight into what is going
on at all times.
Bryce fosters a dynamic classroom where students partake in a variety of activities each lesson.
Bryce uses many different teaching methods during his lessons. The students are engaged in
meaningful activities that are both interesting and promote learning. In Bryces classroom
students are encouraged to interact with one another through debate and collaboration. The
activities Bryce gets the students to engage in require deep thinking and complex
interpretations. Bryce is able to make each concept presented in class relevant to each student.
Bryce has a strong grasp of current pedagogy. Bryce plans his lessons using backward planning
and Understanding by Design principals. Bryce can interpret curriculum and develop specific
and general learning outcomes. Bryce always has meaningful summative and formative
assessments attached to his lessons that truly measure student learning and growth. Bryces
uses the formative assessments collected in class to modify his teaching on the fly. Bryce is very
open to suggestions and is constantly reflecting on how he can become a better teacher. Bryce
collaborates well with his fellow teachers and can work effectively as part of a team.

Bryce is also gaining valuable experience as he serves as a Football coach and Basketball coach
at Vincent Massey School. Bryce has a clear understanding that extra-curricular activities play
an important part in the school climate of any school and he is very willing to get involved in
extra-curricular activities. Bryce is a tremendous teacher with a bright future in front of him.
Any school would be fortunate to have Bryce on their staff. If you have any questions or
concerns please feel free to contact me.
Kevin Grindey
Teacher Vincent Massey High School
Brandon MB (204) 729-3170