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Community English Program

Level: Intermediate 2 (I2)

Teachers College, Columbia University
Instructors: Sabina Simon ( and
Stacy Liu (
!lass time and dates: !"# $ffice %ours:
&o'(e')*urs 1+:++ am , 12:++ -m &on. (ed )*urs: :++ am , :3+ -m
/eb 1+ , 0-ril 21 )ues. /riday 1+:++ am , 1:++ -m
/eb 1+ , 0-ril 21
bout the CEP
)*e !ommunity Lan2ua2e #ro2ram (!L#) is a uni3ue and inte2ral -art of t*e )"S$L and
0--lied Lin2uistics #ro2rams at )eac*ers !olle2e. !olumbia 4ni5ersity. It -ro5ides "n2lis*
as a second lan2ua2e and forei2n lan2ua2e instruction to adult learners of di5erse
nationalities and bac62rounds. In addition. t*e !L# ser5es as an on7site lan2ua2e education
lab in 8*ic* )"S$L and 0--lied Lin2uistics faculty and students enrolled in t*e -ro2rams
teac* t*e courses and use t*e !L# as a settin2 for em-irical in3uiry. %ere at )eac*ers !olle2e
8e belie5e t*at obser5ation and classroom researc* are t*e best 8ay to learn about *o8 8e
teac* and 2ain insi2*ts into *o8 effecti5e teac*in2 mi2*t ta6e -lace. 0dditionally. assessment
and -ro2ram e5aluation -lay a ma9or -art in our -ro2ram as 8ell. )*us. 8e encoura2e
obser5ation and classroom researc* and 8ant -eo-le to use it as a tool for learnin2.
bout this Class
)*is is an inte2rated s6ills Intermediate 2 course. Students 8ill -ractice and combine t*e
s6ills of s-ea6in2. listenin2. readin2. 8ritin2. and 2rammar t*rou2* a ran2e of acti5ities. )*e
class 8ill focus on use of lan2ua2e in real. meanin2ful situations and tas6s in order to benefit
students: li5es and 8or6 in t*e real 8orld.
Course !b"ectives
Students 8ill -ractice:
S-ea6in2. readin2. 8ritin2. and listenin2 about 5arious interdisci-linary sub9ects from
t*e te;tboo6 and ot*er sources
/ormin2 a more concrete understandin2 of com-le; 2rammatical structures
<efinin2 and conte;tualizin2 ne8 5ocabulary
#e$uired Te%t and &or'boo'
On Target 1 (2
"dition) by =ames ". #ur-ura and <iane #in6ley
On Target 1 (or6boo6 (2
"dition) by =ames ". #ur-ura and <iane #in6ley
>ou can buy t*ese at t*e !olumbia ?oo6store on ?road8ay and 115
and ?road8ay. )*e -ac6et costs around
Recommended: #oc6et "n2lis* dictionary (5ery *el-ful if you continue to learn "n2lis*A)
ttendance and utomatic (ails
0t t*e be2innin2 of e5ery class. you 8ill si2n in to Sabina or Stacy t*at you are *ere. If you
come in and are disru-tin2 an acti5ity. you are tardy. #lease -lan a*ead and tell us if you
6no8 you 8ill be absent so t*at 8e may -lan a*ead and *el- you out 8it* e5eryt*in2 t*at you
)* tardies is an automatic +ail, #lease arri5e to be2in class at 1+:++. If you arri5e late
ten or more times. t*en you cannot -ass t*e class.
- absences is an automatic +ail, If you do not come to class re2ularly. t*en you
cannot learn "n2lis* effecti5ely. 1 absences do not affect your 2rade. but 5 8ill.
Electronic .evices:
!ell-*ones. la-to-s. i#ads. tablets. and all ot*er electronic de5ices are B$) 0LL$("< IB
!L0SS. )*ey are distractin2 and detract from class time. #lease be sure to -ut all cell -*ones
on silent (not 5ibrate) at t*e be2innin2 of class.
)ranslators: /or certain acti5ities. 8e 8ill as6 t*at you -ut your translators a8ay. but usually
t*ey are allo8ed in class.
Course #e$uirements
Partici/ation ()*0) , (e 8ant you to tal6 durin2 class time eit*er in small 2rou-s or to t*e
class at lar2e. or bot*. ?ein2 s*y is o6. but if you:re too s*y to tal6 in t*e lar2e 2rou-.
-artici-ate in t*e smaller 2rou-s and ma6e sure your 5oice is *eard t*en.
1ome2or' assignments ()-0) ,(e e;-ect you to com-lete all *ome8or6 before you 2et to
class. Some *ome8or6 8ill be 2raded based on 8*et*er you did it. and some *ome8or6 8ill
be 2raded and returned bac6 to you later.
Unit Tests (3-0)
4nit 5 (15C)
4nit D (15C)
4nit 7 (15C)
(inal (Units -45) (6*0)
7rading scale
0E F 71++
0 F 17G
07 F +73
?E F G77G
? F G17GD (Hood)
?7 F G+7G3
!E F 7577
Im/ortant .ates:
/ebruary 13
, Last day to 8it*dra8 for a full
/ebruary 2D
, 4nit 5 )est
&arc* 13
, 4nit D )est
&arc* 17
7 21
, S-rin2 ?rea6A Bo !lass
0-ril 7
, 4nit 7 )est
0-ril 23
, /inal ";am
! F 7+771
!7 F D+7D
/ F 5 and belo8
!lass Sc*edule (sub9ect to c*an2e):
8onday &ednesday Thursday
(ee6 1
/eb 1+ 7 13
Introductions 4nit 5 Lesson 1 4nit 5 Lesson 2
(ee6 2
/eb 17 7 2+
4nit 5 Lesson 3 4nit 5 Lesson 1 4nit 5 Lesson 5
(ee6 3
/eb 21 7 27
4nit 5 Ie5ie8 Unit - Test 4nit D Lesson 1
(ee6 1
&arc* 3 7 D
4nit D Lesson 2 4nit D Lesson 3 4nit D lesson 1
(ee6 5
&ar 1+ , 13
4nit D Lesson 5 4nit D Ie5ie8 Unit 9 Test
Mar 17 - 20
No Cla No Cla No Cla
(ee6 D
&ar 21 7 27
4nit 7 Lesson 1 4nit 7 Lesson 2 4nit 7 Lesson 3
(ee6 7
&ar 31 , 0-ril 3
4nit 7 Lesson 1 4nit 7 Lesson 5 4nit 7 Ie5ie8
(ee6 G
0-ril 7 7 1+
Unit : Test 4nit G Lesson 1 4nit G Lesson 2
0-ril 11 7 17
4nit G Lesson 3 4nit G Lesson 1 4nit G Lesson 5
(ee6 1+
0-ril 21 7 21
4nit G Ie5ie8 (inal E%am
(Units -45)
/inal <ay of !lass
1ome2or' 8ill be assi2ned by Sabina and Stacy in class, If you -lan to be absent. it
is your res-onsibility to contact us to find out 8*at 8e assi2ned for t*e days you 8ere
absent. Late 8or6 8ill be acce-ted as lon2 as 8e are notified of t*e absences a*ead of