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Act II – Study Guide – Dennis

1. What gift for Lady Macbeth does Duncan entrust to Banquo?

2. The grooms actually wake just after Macbeth murders the king and while
Macbeth is still in the same room with them. What do they do?

3. Just after he murders the king, what does Macbeth think he hears a voice cry?

4. Why does Lady Macbeth want her husband to smear the sleeping grooms
with Duncan’s blood?

5. While Macduff is in the king’s chamber, Lennox talks to Macbeth about the
previous night. What does he say took place?

6. To what countries do Malcolm and Donalbain go?

7. Is there any indication in the final scene of this act that Macduff is not
pleased to see Macbeth crowned? Explain.