Sex Objects

Sex objects make you to want to have sex with them.Either by revealing or by wearing one size less,they divert your attention to their sexually desired parts and hence make themselves look sexy .

Do sexy looking women want to have sex?

‡ Women do not understand the strong, overpowering and intoxicating sexual stimulus that men attain on looking at a sexually turned out woman.

Clue to a man s body
‡ Women misunderstand men as women,just like they are!They obviously have no clue what is heating up inside the body of a man and the stoppage of the brain s logical and thought functions,and the instinct taking over the total control of the existence of the stimulated man!

Then why do women dress the way they do?
‡ When men stare and drool at sexy women,women understand that they are being ADMIRED by the man,aesthetically. ‡ They do not even expect the least that the man is lusting after her and the inner movie he is playing inside himself!

Assets only to admire
‡ They dress to reveal or accentuate their curves,bulges as ASSETS because they crave to be admired for them.That explains why they even die to have the attractive figure .

Then,what women get from looking at well dressed men?
‡ Are women NOT stimulated by a tightly dressed man who shows of his bulges? ‡ Women s sexual stimulus is not at all connected to the sense of SIGHT.It is connected to sound,smell and touch but they do not allow you to stimulate using these senses unless you have legitimacy.

The Banker s eyes ‡ When they evaluate a man s looks,they look at him exactly in the same way a creditor and a banker looks at him,they weigh his potential as a life-partner.

How women look at a man?
‡ Women do not have to stare at a man they like to look at.They look in an entirely different way. ‡ They take a snapshot of the man and with the software in their brain interpret the look of the man!

Looking into the man
‡ They get information on the type of the man and his tastes,various data on background about the man,esp his finances and hygiene. ‡ In short,they actually LOOK INTO the man,not at him!

Whom the sexy looking man stimulates then?
‡ The poor fellow ends up stimulating other men! ‡ Man s basic stimulus does not differentiate between man s curves and women s curves.Only cultural and social conditioning prevents most men from going after sexy men openly.Anyway it is the most common cause of sexual hypocrisy .

Men dressing sexily ,whom do they attract?
‡ Just as women misunderstand men,men also exactly misunderstand women as MEN,and they expect to stimulate a woman by their sexy dress! ‡ It is a pity that they end up stimulating only homo desires in men who are by instinct stimulated by bulging body parts.

What women do with men s looks
‡ Women decode the man s looks like a computer would do,coolly,logically. ‡ It is only a mental and analytical process that is started in a woman by the looks of the man

Suitable Suitor
‡ They absolutely have NO connection at all with their visual and sexual functions. ‡ Precisely,the man s looks can impress the woman about his suitabilty as a suitor.

How to stimulate women then
‡ Women need to be worked up,flirted and after considerable foreplay, are stimulated by the TOUCH sense.That is why they react like angry snakes when a man touches them outside protocol,before creating rights.They fear the stimulation and the losing of control the man s touch can create in them.

Man s Assets ‡ Evidently,before subjecting themselves to all this long drawn processes,women ensure to be married,to claim all the financial assets the man has made and likely to make.Men can consider only their finances as assets,not bulges(as assets) in return for bulges .

Why this gap in understanding? ‡ Because Nature has played one of its games on humans! ‡ It made men and women different and kept it a secret between them.

‡ It has been left to the specialists in psychology and psychiatry to understand men and women and to educate them about themselves. ‡ Ordinary people are clueless about things going right or wrong for them ,not only in matters of sex but in everything that matters too.

Do women like to be considered sexy?
‡ Just as much as a man would like to be considered sexy by another man! ‡ Men and women are similar in their social expectations.They both want respect and reputation more than everything else in social circumstances.

Sexy means Admirability
‡ They do not have in mind having sex with the person who finds them sexy. ‡ In fact,the truth is that most sexy looking women do not have any idea what sexy means.They fuzzily take it as something to do with their beauty and admirability and hence worthy of RESPECT NOT SEX.

Who wants sex?
‡ Because human life is secure with respect and reputation and since everyone wants security in life,no one wants to risk their life by having anything to do with sex,with anyone in fact.

No sex in marriage too
‡ Even after marriage,most couples,almost all, fight over money,respect and control.None of them over sex.Marital rape and complaints of not getting sex crop up only very very rarely,one in many millions.

Men kiss to tell ‡ Sex ultimately has that enormous and overwhelming value only as a CURIOSITY and a CHALLENGE.Once it is available it loses all its value and becomes dirty and a burden.

‡ Because man s primary motivation in chasing for sex is BOASTING about his accomplishment with the woman,he always exposes the woman to his friends as a proof of his desirabilty to women.

SLUT and Loose
‡ The friends in turn reveal all and more by their exaggeration to the whole community in effect.Which diminishes the value of the woman and spoils her reputation and respect too.The men who could not get her call her a SLUT and LOOSE.

The when and what of sex.
‡ This is the most important reason women abhor sex under informal situations.In FORMAL situation,that is in marriage sex has already lost its value,having become available and hence not giving any THRILL.

‡ Under secure and legitimate circumstances,women consider sex as that much fun as cleaning their ears,but they are ready to please the man to carry out his CRAZINESS .When women call a man s move to have sex as crazy they really mean it and believe it to be so.

Do women really believe sex as dirty and crazy?
‡ At best they consider sex as an urge of the male which he is crazy enough not to try to control it but to satisfy it,despite the animal-like scenes it entails. ‡ However,since they are naturally wired to please the children by giving in to their emotional needs,they FAKE IN GOODWILL the Admiration of his sexual prowess and his vanity as the Giver of pleasure,by all that theatrics.

‡ And they do really believe it to be DIRTY for obvious reasons. ‡ Man s intoxication makes him to lust after the same dirty things which women remember all the while throughout the sexual behaviour. ‡ Not even one in a hundred women in one in a thousand encounters get their pleasure because men are not made as railroad engines.Women need to be worked that long and hard to get significant excitement,What to speak of climax and orgasm!

What happens then?
‡ Sex being most desirable among well turnedout strangers,is most sought after in professional and workplace settings. ‡ And for reasons of security,respect and reputation,sex is abhorred to the extent of filing criminal harassment cases for expressing sexual desires,in such workplace settings!

Repressed NEED ‡ Sex is the most repressed need and it expresses itself in mindless physical and psychological violence as a substitute satisfaction.

Developed and Barbaric societies
‡ The most important difference between prosperous and progressive societies and the violent barbaric societies is the way they feel about sex,how they relate to sex and their acceptance of themselves as creatures who NEED SEX.

Deprivation and Destruction ‡ The more the hypocrisy and the denial ,the more is the destruction and violence in revolt of the deprivation built in the social system.

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