MAE 455 Computer-Aided Design and Drafting

TUTORIAL 1: Introduction to SolidWorks

Tutorial Objectives

• Become familiar with the components of the SolidWorks User Interface.
• Go through the basic steps to create a sketch, part, and drawing.
• Learn to manipulate the graphical display with zoom, pan, and rotate functions.

Lab Tasks

Complete the following parts of the online tutorial Help SolidWorks Tutorials
Getting Started:
Introduction to SolidWorks
Lesson 1: Parts


Email the following parts to before the lab period on August 28.
Part file names must start with your mixid as shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Deliverables for Tutorial 1
Tutorial Submit with this part filename
Introduction to SolidWorks mixid_Pressure Plate.sldprt
Lesson 1: Parts mixid_Tutor1.sldprt

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